30 day stay A review of Hampton Inn & Suites

I agree with the first review with a few additions.

The chair and ottoman are in the rooms with one bed. If you get two beds then no chair. There is a computer chair at the desk. Neither chair is that comfortable for my larger size which has not been a problem in other hotels.

The WiFi works well. No problem signing in from the third floor.

I agree with the elevator issue. This week another guest dropped a cup of coffee in the elevator and until housekeeping could clean it up the elevator was unusable.

I did have a noise issue with the rooms and especially the hall. Guests allow the doors to slam and it is very loud. Also, there is a large gap at the bottom of the door so any talking by guests in the hall or children screaming will be heard in your room. I also was able to hear the guitar playing next door. I can't believe that a new hotel wouldn't have better insulation.

I am here on business for the month of July (over 100 each day) so need to work in the room on the weekends. If the AC is on - 1) it is very noisy; and 2) it is cold. If it is off the room gets warm fast. Luckily I am on the east side. It really needs a fan available without having the AC on all the time.

There is a laundry room available with two washers (one is a large commercial) and two dryers. Each cost 1.50 to run. They also furnish scented liquid detergent and scented dryer sheets.

One caution: the bathtubs are very slippery - no grooves or rubber mat so be very careful.

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