2ND Floor "Terrace" was Great! A review of SpringHill Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront

My overal experience would have been "Excellent" except that we had an issue with the "complimentary valet", however the Hotel Staff went out of their way to personnaly see that EVERYTHING was taken care of. They gave us free nights to take care of the car issue and checked on us frequently. We stayed in both a 1 BR unit and a normal Suite on the 2nd Floor. If you can get a room on the 2nd Floor - GO FOR IT, I had to keep telling my daughter to call it a "Terrace" not a balcony. HUge Huge Huge, you could have a small party out there.

The tiki -Bar is now fully open by the outside pool. When we checked in, they were only serving beer and sodas'etc. Later that night I had the pleasure of being served the first "Real Drink"- Grey Goose and Cran...

Loved the "newness" of the hotel, the decorating, flat screen TV etc. The wireless in the room was Free and very simple to sign on. They do have computers in the lobby, but the kids seemed to always be on those. They served a FULL breakfast, lines were only long during peak times- get there early and you will have no problem. Loved my stay at the hotel. Went up to "Catch 31(at the Hilton) all 3 nights for dinner- on 31st and the Ocean... need I say more about this resturant? Be prepared to wait for a table on Fri and Sat nights, get there early and relax outside with a drink. The "nightclub" on the top floor of the Hilton is worth it, just to see it!! I will put this on my "favorites" list of Hotels at Va Beach

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