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June 2007 TravelPod Newsletter
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Carmella, aka

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies? We’re only halfway through the year and 2007 has already proven to be a great one. Lately, along with keeping the TravelPod community healthy, I’ve been spending some time on Facebook. We’ve just developed the Traveler IQ Challenge and it’s turning out to be a tremendous hit.

How well do you know your world?

Last month, we all scrambled around creating a fun and informative geography quiz. It was exciting hunting down obscure and rare places for the expert levels. I really enjoy it because it’s not only extremely addictive but I’ve learned so many new things. The more I play, the more I want to pack my bags and go on a trip to discover some of these far away locales. I guess it’s a hazard of my job but I’m not complaining.

The team finally got it all developed, tested, and released it just days ago. Read about it here in Lucky’s News If you are a Facebook user you can add the application by clicking here.

“This game is worse than crack, tiny flying flags are gonna haunt my dreams”, “Yeah, got through level 12, had to take some pretty wild guesses though. The tougher this game gets, the more I want to play it!”, and “Hee it's awesome! Very addictive. But I'm meant to be packing all my stuff to go home, and I've got a million things to sort out before I go to India next Monday and THIS ISN'T HELPING! ;)” are some of the comments made by those who have been playing. If you would like hear more of what others are saying click here to read reviews and get more information on the Traveler IQ Challenge.

Rewards for Volunteer of the Month

TravelPod’s a combined effort of several paid staff as well as many hard working volunteers. The TravelPodium wouldn’t be as friendly, informative, and exciting without the help of our tireless moderators. We’d like to take this time to make a specially thank Scott of Scottwoz,Susie of Wakingdream, Simon of Siscri,Jess of Jessica_cdn,Rich of Rbisset, and Steve of Stevejames for all their valuable effort in the forums. Each moderator will be receiving a cash contribution to their Support my Travels account. Keep up the good work Mod Squad!

The TravelPodium has also recently added several more resources to our growing body of knowledge. Over a dozen members have answered our recent call for Local Experts and are providing advice as we speak. Thank you to all specialists who have stepped up to volunteer their time and energy to support their area of expertise. Thailand’s Local Expert Paul Garrioch has been doing a wonderful job even providing us with daily news reports of his area. Paul receives this June’s Volunteer of the Month prize of $25.00 for his generous help as a TravelPod Local Expert.

We at TravelPod value your help and want to reward you for it. Each month, all Local Experts and Moderators are eligible for the monthly prize. So make sure your Support my Travels feature is enabled and start posting in the TravelPodium. If you’re interested in becoming a Local Expert, please read the guidelines here.

Moment with a Member - How to take an Amazing Photo

Verdi & Andrew, aka

“There are certainly no steadfast rules when it comes to taking great photos. First and foremost what you consider to be a great photo might not be to someone else’s taste – you’ve only got to look as far as the “Best Photo of the Year” contest on this very website to see that opinions can vary wildly. The most important thing is that you enjoy taking them and are left with photos that you will look back on with fond memories of a great time.

Having said that, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting good quality photographs that you, your friends, and everyone else will get the most out of.”

To learn more from this very insightful article, please read Photography Tips for Travel Blogs written by last months winners of TravelPod’s Photo of the Month contest, Gonetilwhenever.

Thanks for the excellent advice Verdi and Andrew. Look in your Support my Travels account and find $25.00 as a token of appreciation for all the hard work you took writing this article for us all.

Get Paid and Published on TravelPod

If you’ve written an article that you think would be of value to your fellow TravelPodders, please submit it to If your article is published in the monthly newsletter, we will reward you with $25.00 to your Support my Travels account. For more info, check out the thread in the TravelPodium about what we look for in TravelPod Community Articles.

Best Photos of the Year - And the winner is…

Photo courtesy of jon_lyall
Best Photo of the Year contest has revealed May’s Photo of the Month as 01 Sipidan – Hawksbill Turtle. Congratulations to jon_lyall whose amazing underwater shot of an inquisitive turtle made it into the TravelPod Calendar. Check now and place your vote for June’s winner.

Choose His Adventure

Jeremy David
Meet Jeremy who is about to embark on quite the journey…of our making. “I'm going backpacking in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. And that's all I have planned. You get to tell me where to go and what to do. Am I insane? A little... probably. But I really want to go on a unique, exciting and epic adventure - and I thought this would be the best way to make that a reality. A real life "Choose Your Own Adventure". Interesting, 'eh? Where do you want me to go?” Vote here on where Jeremy should go first. He is landing in London then is going wherever we want. I say he should go for a swim in Loch Ness. What do you think?

Lucky’s Words

Luc Levesque, aka
“We’re all getting ready for Canada Day here in Ottawa but that didn’t slow us down at all in June…

June has been all about Facebook for us. Facebook opened up their platform in June to developers and we immediately saw the benefit that this could have to our members. Within 5 days of Facebook’s announcement we launched a new Facebook patch that shows your TravelPod blogs on your Facebook profile. We also launched the Traveler IQ Challenge which is a very addictive geography quiz…

Install the TravelPod Facebook application and take the Traveler IQ challenge while you’re on Facebook!

We also launched several major speed enhancements for our maps which have made TP much better for you and your guests.

We’ve got some big stuff planned for July that we’re sure you’ll be happy about … but I’ll save that one for the next newsletter.

Happy trails!


I’d better get back to it! Maybe if I can get all my work done, I can even up my Traveler IQ by taking the challenge again. And keep the Happy 10th Birthday TravelPod videos coming in…I wonder who is going to win the iPod?

TravelPod Community Manager

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Jun 29, 2007
More map enhancements

Jun 24, 2007
Challenge! Try our new Traveler's IQ Challenge on Facebook

Jun 11, 2007
Send notifications of new TravelPod entries to your Facebook friends!

Jun 10, 2007
Map enhancements - Another big batch of o'features

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