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April 2007 TravelPod Newsletter
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Carmella, aka

The Joy of Food

Eat, dine, munch, feed, have a meal. No matter how you put it, we seem to spend a lot of energy and time on food. Whether it’s the jerk chicken in Jamaica or gyros in Greece or kung pau in China, we all like to fill our bellies with international cuisine. What’s better than trying a new type of food in the actual country in which it was created? Now that’s authentic.

There’s no doubt that traveling affords us excellent opportunities to try new and exotic dishes. In fact, some people travel primarily to taste new flavors from around the world making food their focus. There are many foods that you can only get in certain locations as they may be too fragile to export. Some fruits and vegetables may give you quite a surprise when you take your first bite. Various tastes you either love or hate like our ongoing battle between Marmite vs. Vegemite in the forums.

Tastes of World

Photo courtesy of Trevor.ajn
I remember falling deeply in love with the cherimoya fruit while backpacking in Spain. The creamy sweet ivory flesh was like no other fruit I’d ever tasted. I became quickly addicted to them and would eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper. I daydream about them now that I’m home but have searched the supermarkets in vain. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll have to make regular visits overseas to satisfy my cherimoya addiction.

Photo courtesy of Bonkers

There’s something very exciting about exposing your taste buds to a brand new experience. When we travel, we find foods prepared in ways we may never imagine. Some combinations are just downright Strange Foods and are an acquired taste. Add your favorite dish to our Favorite Ethnic Dish thread in the forums. The bouquet of flavors and textures out there are endless affording us vast opportunities to expand our repertoire of taste.

Local Fare and Eat with Care

Photo courtesy of Darrrenlotta
One of my favorite hobbies when away is finding a nearby market to explore what the locals are serving up. Read our thread in the TravelPodium which lists the World’s Best Food Markets to see what cultural delicacies are out there. And in a restaurant, I’ll ask for a dish of the local specialty which never disappoints as it’s usually what they do best.

One consistent commonality between travelers is the need to be well nourished. When we subject our bodies to unfamiliar environments, climates, physical activity, not to mention the stress of traveling, we must take special care. It’s especially important to pay close attention to your physical health while on the road. No one wants to spend their travels in the toilet or doctors office.

Not quite a food group, though some of our members may beg to differ, are the drinks that wash all that nourishment down. Make sure to visit our famous Beer’s of the World thread where you can get and give advice on just about any beer out there. Also, check out How to be sure water is safe tips from our fellow TravelPodders.

TravelPod Member MeetUp

Photo courtesy of cguzik

Last month, several of the TravelPodders met up in Florida to attend the Ultra Music Festival in Miami then hop on a Caribbean cruise. It was a wonderful feeling to put a face to a name and the group seemed to gel really well. Between sun bathing, scuba diving, dancing, and dining on first class cuisine, we had our hands full of blog worthy moments. Check out Incrediblelife, Jessica_cdn, Caro!, and Whereshegoes, my own blog, to catch up on the antics that ensued this fun filled week. It was such a success that we’re already thinking about the next meet up…

Moment with a Member - Real Travel Tips from Real Travelers

Adrien, aka
Adrien of Peacefrog is a French engineer in his 12th month around the world. “One aspect of traveling that can easily be improved is the interaction with the locals you meet everyday. It is very useful to learn a few words of the local language: I found that whatever the culture, making that effort earns you great rewards, moments that give thickness to your trip. And to me it can be as simple as a sincere smile...

In the same line, items I like to carry are photos and a world map. Many people will be interested in hearing about your country, and in seeing photos of your home and family. Maps are especially good with kids: geography does not kill the imagination like pictures do, and it provides support for telling how things are in lands far away. My favourite is the inflatable world globe: not too bulky to carry, and watch the amazed gazes as the world takes form.”

Best Photos of the Year - And the winner is…

Photo courtesy of eduardennicole
Best Photo of the Year contest is still going strong with an exceptionally stunning round of entries. The contenders ran a good race with the winner coming out just a few votes ahead. March’s Photo of the Month is W. Lago Canapa. Congratulations to eduardennicole who did a wonderful job of capturing . Make sure to check out the next group of contestants and register your vote.

Lucky’s Words

Luc Levesque, aka
“This newsletter is making me hungry so I'll keep it short and sweet this month. We've been busy, as usual, launching some new site features and enhancements that you'd requested like our new larger photo thumbnails and map enhancements. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

See you next month, happy trails!"


I hope everyone is having a terrific month whether you are home, away or somewhere in between. Until next month....

TravelPod Community Manager

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Apr 28, 2007
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Apr 27, 2007
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Apr 13, 2007
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