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January 2007 TravelPod Newsletter
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Carmella, aka

Welcome to 2007! This new year promises to be an exhilarating year for both TravelPod and its’ members. Not only do we anticipate strong growth, we also have a few exciting surprises planned. One very monumental event coming up in October will be TravelPod’s Ten Year Anniversary. Yes, can you believe that it was a whole decade ago that TravelPod started? We will have to celebrate in style and we would like your suggestions on just how we should do that. Visit our 10 Year Anniversary thread in the TravelPodium to share your ideas!

Photo courtesy of rcys


A country is born! Montenegro which gained its independence in June 2006, became the world’s 194th country after splitting off from Serbia. Located just off the Adriatic Sea, it should be a new and interesting place to see develop. The country that received the most foreign tourists was France. USA had the most travel entries with 8799 and Australia a close second at 8184. Somalia, Guadeloupe and Sierra Leone each had only one lone entry all year! Where was your favorite place to travel last year? Post your vote in the Favorite Country thread and the winner will be announced next month.

TravelPod’s Best Photos of 2007 Calendar

As we mentioned last month, the race to find the Best Photos of 2007 is now on! Fellow TravelPodders have been snaphappy, busy uploading and submitting entries. On the first day of every month, our panel of judges will release the Top 5 chosen from the previous months Featured Photos.

This is where you come in! All members have one month to vote for their favorite photo. Go to the TravelPodium’s new forum 2007 Best Photos of the Month to watch the progress once you have voted. Enter your photos for consideration and you just may find your work of art in TravelPod’s first annual calendar!

Photo courtesy of fiandrob

Happiness Hints

January is notorious for the blahs due to holiday come down, seasonal weather, and impossible New Years resolutions. Whether you're home or on the road, here are a few ideas on how to beat the January blues:

• Spend time in the sunshine to get your Vitamin D (Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest place in the world)
• Exercise regularly (take the stairs instead of the elevator or take your pack on that hike…every little bit helps)
• Change your surroundings (head to a Bed & Breakfast or if you are on the road already, treat yourself to a night in a luxury hotel)
• Balance your diet (boost your folate intake/ try new foods and dishes)
• Get some relaxation (practice meditation or have a spa day)
• Green up (get some plants or go to a conservatory/botanical gardens)
• Pick up a new hobby or cultivate a talent (read, cook, take up bowling, sing)
• Connect with loved ones (go visit if you're near and webcam or invest in a phone card if you're far / write a good old fashioned letter or post card…everyone loves mail)
• Clean house or your backpack (an organized and tidy space does wonders for mood)

Photo courtesy of nicandpete


As the year turns, this is the month we typically know for change. Recently there was an animated discussion in the TravelPodium regarding goals and New Years Resolutions. Some great ideas were exchanged as well as some good old fashioned inspiration. Fellow TravelPodders look forward to getting fit to learning new languages to resolving not to make resolutions at all. Here are some ways to keep resolutions or achieve goals whether it be leaving on your RTW trip or becoming a travel photographer:
- align your thoughts with your actions
- find a mentor or buddy or support system
- focus on an action plan /write it down/visualize


Justin and Dan
Have you checked out the adventures of Justin and Dan of Vlogabond? Watch the two twenty-somethings backpack around Asia on their videoblog. Not only are they writing and photographing their trip here on TravelPod but they are capturing it on video as well!

Make sure you checkout their inspirational and entertaining journey. Let them know what you think and show your support in the Video Travel Blogging Forum.

In the News

TravelPod made it into the news several times in the past few weeks! Check out articles in The Michigan Daily, Shape Magazine, and The Vancouver Sun to see more famous TravelPod moments.

Share your Stuff

At TravelPod, we're always working hard to provide better services and exposure for all our members. As TravelPod grows, so does our traffic. We're looking forward to increasing your audience giving you greater opportunity to personally impact more people with the travel experiences you post. Imagine the day when your videos will reach millions. This day is drawing near as we prepare to turn this dream into reality. Thanks to our new partnership with TripAdvisor, exceptional TravelPod videos will be selected and shown on starting soon!

Have you been meaning to upload that amazing video of that sunrise from the mountain top? Would you like to share that rare ethnic performance you caught on tape? Well, now’s your chance! Upload your humorous, inspiring or revolutionary travel video footage to your public blog and it just might be one of the lucky videos to be featured.

... and this is only the start. We'll be working with TripAdvisor in the coming months to roll out many great new features so expect much more!

Lucky, TravelPod's
Lucky’s Words

”Hello again… It’s January and I’m psyched for many reasons. Not just because it's snowboarding season again but we’ve also got some aggressive plans for 2007 and I’m dying to launch some of the great new features we have planned. It’s going to be our tenth year anniversary this year too (wow!). We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings when TravelPod was indeed just a few servers in the basement.

This last month we released a few features, added more servers and worked hard to get your feedback. As always, we take all of your feedback very seriously and appreciate every email.

Happy trails!


Phew! That was a long newsletter. See you all next month!

TravelPod Community Manager

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