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December 2006 TravelPod Newsletter
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Carmella, aka

What a year 2006 has been! TravelPod has seen extensive growth bringing us to staggering new heights. We have beaten our own records consistently each month with more than double new members and submissions in just this past year. Our site and members have made it into the media so frequently we have a long list of sightings in newspapers, television, radio and magazines from all over the world. Well done everyone for helping make TravelPod one of the most visible travel blog sites out there.

Photo courtesy of jrcormack

A Year of Rapid Expansion

Ground-breaking developments were introduced to make your TravelPod experience more efficient and enjoyable. As always, we listened to your suggestions and thank you for all of your great feedback. The “Who is near you now” feature complimented the more detailed profile pages to help our TravelPodders connect with those of like mind in their “neighborhood”.

There is no doubt that this has been a key factor in our steady community growth. Our members are not only chatting and mailing each other but actually arranging for real life meet ups! We look forward to many more “TravelPod Parties” taking place in 2007.
Photo courtesy of dane

From map enhancements to server upgrades to an improved search engine, we heard your requests and have been working overtime to get them into action. Keep the ideas rolling in because we love to hear from you!

TravelPod’s Best Featured Photos Calendar

TravelPod now hosts over 1 million photos and videos. Some of your travel photos are so good that we are going to make a Best Photos of TravelPod Calendar in 2007. Each month, members will vote in the TravelPodium for the Best Featured Photo which will make it into the calendar. Each of the winners will receive one as a gift so keep uploading your great travel pics.

We have relaxed the requirements for submitting your photos to be featured making it quicker and easier to show off your talent. We expect to get a quality selection of your best work to share on our home page.

Photo courtesy of jonclark2000

The TravelPodium

2006 saw the TravelPodium strengthen into a solid community of vibrant members sharing and helping each other. Our amazing team of moderators have helped cultivate a supportive friendly atmosphere where many “Armchair Adventurer” newbies have matured into seasoned “Pathfinders” and “World Travelers.”

Photo courtesy of twittg

We experienced a great surge in participation when single sign on was implemented making login universal from the main site to the message boards. We've now reached a whopping 15,000 posts and continue to pick up speed. Visit our latest thought provoking thread where we're compiling a list of TravelPod’s Top 100 Things to Do Before You Die. As one member put it recently, better than any guide book is "the latest post in the TravelPodium". A goldmine of information, entertainment and travel camaraderie, the TravelPodium is the hot new place to hang out.

Best of the Year

Member of the Year
Gerry and Sharon Channer
The 2006 Member of the Year Award goes out to thymeoff. Thymeoff who have had quite the adventure and kept many of us glued to their updates. They’ve endured many challenges making for a interesting dramatic read. They have made it into the news not once but twice over the past year with the most recent coming out today in an article in the Ottawa Citizen! Thank you for sharing your journey with us Gerry and Sharon Channer! You capture the essence of what we at TravelPod hope to find in our members with your inspirational travel blog.

Moderator of the Year
Scott Woz

Our Moderator of the Year Award goes to none other than Scott Woz, who consistently and cheerfully adds such a supportive positive vibe to our TravelPodium. Always willing to lend a hand or ear, he is one of our most valuable resources! Scott gives of himself fully with his compassionate and helpful nature without ever expecting anything back. Whether he is traveling or stationary, he always finds the time to contribute and gives generously making him our prized star moderator. Scott’s shown himself to be quite clever with his innovative suggestions and feedback on how to make the site better for us all. He has proven himself a true asset to the TravelPod Mod Squad! Thanks from all of us for sharing your Scott-ness!

Another exciting highlight was that our much loved founder Lucky finally got to take a break to travel. Lucky and his new fiancée Andrea took a half year jaunt down to South America. They visited their sponsored child in Paraguay, trekked about and had many great adventures. Read accounts of their trip in their separate blogs called sam-2006 (Luc’s) and s_america_2006 (Andrea’s). And now, a word from the man himself…

Lucky’s Words:

”"Wow, another year has flown by! Where did the time go? It's been another year of growth for TravelPod, in fact we've grown more this year than ever thanks to word of mouth and travel blogs finally become mainstream. We've done our best to add some cool new features to make TravelPod better for our members and have no plans of stopping!

2007 is going to be the biggest year for TravelPod as we continue to improve our blogging tools and community features. So stay tuned, grab some eggnog and keep on traveling!

Happy new year!"


Photo courtesy of lucky

Thank you to all members, guests, families and TravelPod staff for making 2006 one to remember. Let’s raise our glasses and cheers to an even more spectacular 2007. Hold on tight because this one is going to knock your socks off!

Happy Travels and see you all next year!

TravelPod Community Manager

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Dec 11, 2006
Feature your photos, even the ones without stories!

Dec 7, 2006
Cool new editor

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Wondering Around the World 2006

Well after 6 months being a medical mercinary travelling across four states doing some dodgy jobs, Im hanging up my stethocope and taking on the world! S East Asia, Bejiing, Japan, Europe starting from Moscow and 4 months in Sth America, including dodging trouble in Columbia and La Paz! My flights home are still up in the air so who knows Mexico and the States may be the only way home... What a trip awaits!

A guy with a red beard wanders through Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Welcome to the official travelogue of my trip to South America. Don't be fooled by the numerous imitation travelogues of my trip--this is the only real one. I'm landing in Quito, Ecuador, and flying out of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I'm not really sure what's going to happen in between--I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Orlando, Florida: A Month-Long Dream Come True

My first trip to Orlando was in 1992, when I was five-years old, and my brother was three and a half. We loved it, but all that we can remember of the trip now is what we have on video and in pictures. I then went on a school trip to Orlando in 2001, and completely fell is love with the place. For years I asked my parents to let me plan a trip down there, but they weren't interested. I continued looking into diferent options, though. Then it happened... my parents decided to rent a house, drive down to Florida with Oreo, and spend a month in the area. A month FAR exceeded any expectations I had for a return family trip to Orlando. We got to see and experience a lot of what Central Florida has to offer. We eventually felt like locals!

Central America and Mexico 2006

Hello friends and family! Andrew and Jacque hope you enjoy following our travels!

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