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January 2005 TravelPod Newsletter
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Luc, aka ”Lucky”
Hello all TravelPoders!

It’s Lucky again with the monthly newsletter.

( Check out the last newsletter: December Edition )

It’s been a busy Christmas. Aside from some publicity which has come up in some great magazines and travel guides, the big news is that we released the guest book system which lets your guests post messages on your travelogue.

Read on for more details.

What's new?

As always, our News Ticker has the latest news but let us give you a taste of what's been cooking at TravelPod:

Guest book feature

We’ve added a new guestbook to your travelogue! It’s been in the making for a while and is now live.

More information on the guestbook

Maps over the pacific

Based on your feedback, we’ve added a new enhancement which allows you to wrap your map lines which cross the pacific. This means that when you take a trip which flies over the pacific ocean, your map lines will be shown accurately, previously, all trans-oceanic flights crossed the Atlantic.

More information on this new feature.

TravelPod in the Washington Post

TravelPod was spotted in the Washington Post!

Have a look here

TNT magazine loves TravelPod

Once again TNT Magazine picks TravelPod as the best Travel Blog site around.

Have a look here

LonePlanet recognizes TravelPod

Loneleplanet recently added travel blogs to their “Ways to stay in touch” section of some of their guide books.

Have a look here

What's coming up?

New look and feel: Be on the lookout for a newly designed layout sometime in 2005.

Guided tour: LiquidPearl Studios is working away at finishing our guided tour. Should be ready in early 2005.

Last words… How you can make a difference

Want to help but can’t donate? 90% of requests for features, bug reports, comments and questions result in updates to TravelPod. Your feedback is a very important factor in making TravelPod the success that it is.

After all, it’s your TravelPod too… our community is what makes TravelPod what it is today!

Don’t like the way something works? Find something confusing? Think it would be really cool if TravelPod did something differently?

Send TravelPod an email and let us know! You’ll be making the site better for yourself and all your fellow travelers.

Take part in helping out the TravelPod community by sending us your ideas today.

Until next month, happy trails!
Luc “Lucky” Levesque

The TravelPod News Ticker
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Jan 14, 2005
TNT loves TravelPod

Jan 9, 2005
TravelPod Messaging is here!

Jan 7, 2005
TravelPod in the latest Lonely Planet guide

Jan 5, 2005
TravelPod needs your help, donate today!

Dec 30, 2004
TravelPod Flood Relief

Dec 24, 2004
TravelPod in the Washington Post (Dec 12, 2004)

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Travel dreams and dialogues of the sub- saharan variety...

Welcome to my travel log; I have been in Benin now fifteen months and this is my first travelpod entry- It comes like a revelation- no more subjecting the unwilling to those bulk email reveries-- gotta give everyone that thing we love- free will. No need to recount 15 months in a linear false fashion, so what you will find here are some impressionistic sketches at times, some 'travel writing'about West Africa, and some of my experiences living in a small village in Benin.

12 months on the road, our journey of joy and enlightenment ..

welcome to 'The Nomad Diary'. This will be a document of our 12 month trip through the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia & The Pacific Rim... Please join us and follow our journey 'in the pursuit of enlightenment' ...enjoy the trip ! I've been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one. And I believe it could be someday it's going to come. 'cat stevens' 'peace train'

Camels and Cassowaries 2004-2005

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right..."

'Our Honeymoon' or 'Who Wants to Bet We're Still Married in a Year?'

Phil and I promised to love and honor each other for a lifetime of commitment. Then, we decided to test these newly minted vows by spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week travelling through SE Asia, China, India, and Turkey. Will we survive these trials and return home bound together by mutual experience and a new respect and love for each other? or will I sell Phil into slavery because I can no longer handle the way he breathes? Time will tell. Time will tell.

More features ...
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