Around the world in seven Web Sites

By Tim Wyatt
Published 01-20-2000


Travel stories - whether from seasoned pros or bumbling amateurs- can be a lot more than reliving someone else's summer vacationin the Catskills. When we struck out on the Web to gather travelsites, we found that mundane accounts of tired, roadsideattractions were in the minority. With little effort, we wandered deep into untamed adventure as seen through the eyes of clerk-typists, college students and middle-aged free spirits. Stories of quaint country inns and darling continental breakfasts took a back seat to train rides in Nigeria, motorcycling through Oman and living the casino high life in Special Region 4 - a.k.a. Mong La, Burma.


A smiling Buddha in cut stone greets visitors to TravelPod's easy- to-navigate collection of story links. Tucked in the upper-right corner of the page are links to sections sorted by country, writer or most recent entries from Arkansas to Vietnam that briefly describe each travel blog, then link to sites located outside TravelPod's domain. Wanderers can also post their journals here as events unfold. One cross-country adventurer sent in entries for five months as he drove from Ontario to Vancouver, then to San Francisco, then headed toward Houston and back up to Ontario again in what he titled, "Me, a Car and a Case of Mr. Noodles." Another has just begun submitting his accounts and photos of a tour of Asia - after spending New Year' s Eve in Bangkok.

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