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Molo s taxi Molo s taxi Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Cesta k přístavu Cesta k přístavu Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Ulice Ulice Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Rybářská vesnice Rybářská vesnice Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Hned vedle moderna Hned vedle moderna Kuala Besut, Malajsie

Zelený resort Zelený resort Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Výzdoba baru Výzdoba baru Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Blízký bar Blízký bar Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Recepce Recepce Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Pláž s recepcí Pláž s recepcí Kuala Besut, Malajsie

Petani Beach se blíží Petani Beach se blíží Kuala Besut, Malajsie
Beach at Nha Trang Beach at Nha Trang Nha Trang, Vietnam
Boat trip Boat trip Nha Trang, Vietnam
Nha trang Nha trang Nha Trang, Vietnam

Cable car Cable car Nha Trang, Vietnam
Dive boats Dive boats Nha Trang, Vietnam
South Bank South Bank Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne skyline getting dark Melbourne skyline getting dark Melbourne, Australia
Interesting branding Interesting branding Melbourne, Australia

Infamous Ned Kelly Infamous Ned Kelly Melbourne, Australia
Inside the Jail Inside the Jail Melbourne, Australia
Arghhhh let me out Arghhhh let me out Melbourne, Australia
Prison officer/guide Prison officer/guide Melbourne, Australia
Padded cells for all those crazies Padded cells for all those crazies Melbourne, Australia

Processing office Processing office Melbourne, Australia
Chinatown Chinatown Melbourne, Australia
Filming Neighbours Filming Neighbours Melbourne, Australia
Ramsay Street Ramsay Street Melbourne, Australia
Balgownie Estate Balgownie Estate Yarra Glen, Australia

Where we stayed Where we stayed Yarra Glen, Australia
Ferry to phuket Ferry to phuket Tambon Wichit, Thailand
Cute Boutique Winery Cute Boutique Winery Yarra Glen, Australia
Our favourite winery - Yarrawood Our favourite winery - Yarrawood Yarra Glen, Australia
The oldest winery in Yarra The oldest winery in Yarra Yarra Glen, Australia

Chandon Chandon Yarra Glen, Australia
Lots of Sparkling Lots of Sparkling Yarra Glen, Australia
Another stunning view Another stunning view Apollo Bay, Australia
Loved the rock formations Loved the rock formations Apollo Bay, Australia
The terrain we hiked across The terrain we hiked across Apollo Bay, Australia

Amazing views Amazing views Apollo Bay, Australia
Selfie at The Balconies Selfie at The Balconies Apollo Bay, Australia
The Balconies The Balconies Apollo Bay, Australia
The Grampians The Grampians Apollo Bay, Australia
The Grampians The Grampians Apollo Bay, Australia

A cow post box A cow post box Apollo Bay, Australia
If it swims, we serve it.... If it swims, we serve it.... Penang, Malaysia
Bay of Islands Bay of Islands Apollo Bay, Australia
Cute little bridge Cute little bridge Apollo Bay, Australia
London Bridge London Bridge Apollo Bay, Australia