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Beefeater at work Beefeater at work London, United Kingdom
Train to nowhere!! Train to nowhere!! Hanoi, Vietnam
Yeoman Warder Yeoman Warder London, United Kingdom
The famous bridge The famous bridge Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What a Job!! What a Job!! Hanoi, Vietnam
One of the famous bridges One of the famous bridges Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Medieval palace tower Medieval palace tower London, United Kingdom
The authors The authors Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar Mostar Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Yeoman of the Baard Yeoman of the Baard London, United Kingdom
View from my seat View from my seat London, United Kingdom
Stuffed Egyptian cow Stuffed Egyptian cow Turin, Italy
Dunedin Train Station Dunedin Train Station Dunedin, New Zealand

Yes, Please!  Yes, Please! Dunedin, New Zealand
Hills Outside of Dunedin Hills Outside of Dunedin Dunedin, New Zealand
View From our Apartment View From our Apartment Dunedin, New Zealand
Alcoholic Architecture Alcoholic Architecture Eceabat, Turkey
Cute 'Lil Bugger Cute 'Lil Bugger Dunedin, New Zealand

Bluebell dell Bluebell dell London, United Kingdom
Common Area Common Area Eceabat, Turkey
Shore Front Shore Front Eceabat, Turkey
Tulip Tulip London, United Kingdom

Egyptian museum Egyptian museum Turin, Italy
Accom Accom Eceabat, Turkey
Landscape of Turin Landscape of Turin Turin, Italy
Italian pizza Italian pizza Turin, Italy

Brekki Brekki Eceabat, Turkey
Gelato :) Gelato :) Turin, Italy
The Prince's gardens The Prince's gardens Turin, Italy
Etc please? Etc please? Gallipoli, Turkey

Cavalry Flag Cavalry Flag Gallipoli, Turkey
Flag Hill Flag Hill Gallipoli, Turkey
Creepy stuffed horse Creepy stuffed horse Turin, Italy
NZ Memorial NZ Memorial Gallipoli, Turkey

Acropolis Acropolis Bergama, Turkey
Child soldier Child soldier Turin, Italy
Trenches (NZ) Trenches (NZ) Gallipoli, Turkey
mosque mosque Bergama, Turkey
Hoan Kiem See Hoan Kiem See Hanoi, Vietnam

Chunuk Bair Chunuk Bair Gallipoli, Turkey
Same Bay Same Bay Gallipoli, Turkey
Inside ANZAC Tunnel Inside ANZAC Tunnel Gallipoli, Turkey
ANZAC Tunnel ANZAC Tunnel Gallipoli, Turkey
Somos feas y cansadas después de la boda Somos feas y cansadas después de la boda Zeanuri, Spain and Canary Islands