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Cathedrale de Chartres Cathedrale de Chartres Chartres, France
Jewish quarter Jewish quarter Fez, Morocco

Inside the restaurant Inside the restaurant Fez, Morocco
The restaurant The restaurant Fez, Morocco

Beautiful architecture Beautiful architecture Fez, Morocco
Wedding pallanquin Wedding pallanquin Fez, Morocco
Clothing area Clothing area Fez, Morocco
Oldest University Oldest University Fez, Morocco

Bakery in the Medina Bakery in the Medina Fez, Morocco
Tannery Tannery Fez, Morocco

Camel's head Camel's head Fez, Morocco
ceramics ceramics Fez, Morocco
Potter Potter Fez, Morocco

More Tapas Food More Tapas Food Madrid, Spain
The Royal Palace The Royal Palace Madrid, Spain

The Clothing Museum The Clothing Museum Madrid, Spain
Paella Paella Madrid, Spain
Lanas Sixto yarn shop Lanas Sixto yarn shop Madrid, Spain

The Secret Garden The Secret Garden Seoul, Korea Rep.
Splashes of colour Splashes of colour Seoul, Korea Rep.
Changdeokgung Palace Changdeokgung Palace Seoul, Korea Rep.
Prikkeldraad Prikkeldraad Yanque, Peru

Dorpsstraat Dorpsstraat Yanque, Peru
Canyon Canyon Yanque, Peru
Field of Black Sheep Field of Black Sheep Strathblane, United Kingdom
Climbing up the path from Glengoyne Climbing up the path from Glengoyne Strathblane, United Kingdom

Today's forecast - Saturday Today's forecast - Saturday Lawson, Australia
Creek crossing Creek crossing Colca Canyon, Peru
Merging Into the West Highland Way Merging Into the West Highland Way Strathblane, United Kingdom
Another canyon shot Another canyon shot Colca Canyon, Peru