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Getting to Know the Locals Getting to Know the Locals Bali, Indonesia
Waterfall Bungee Waterfall Bungee Bali, Indonesia
Sling Shot - Madness Sling Shot - Madness Bali, Indonesia
Nusa Dua Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia
Bogged at Uluwatu Bogged at Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia

On Our Way to Kintamani On Our Way to Kintamani Bali, Indonesia
Gitgit Waterfall Gitgit Waterfall Bali, Indonesia
The Garden View Cottages The Garden View Cottages Bali, Indonesia
Linwood Community Park Linwood Community Park Christchurch, New Zealand
Linwood Community Park Linwood Community Park Christchurch, New Zealand

Another Tioman Jetty Another Tioman Jetty Singapore, Singapore
After Dinner Drinks After Dinner Drinks Singapore, Singapore
Streets of San Francisco Streets of San Francisco San Francisco, United States
Lookout View Lookout View San Francisco, United States
Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, United States

Waterfall Waterfall Launceston, Australia
Gordon Explorer Gordon Explorer Launceston, Australia
Natural Tunnel Natural Tunnel Launceston, Australia
Tasman's Arch Tasman's Arch Launceston, Australia
Rugged Coastline Rugged Coastline Launceston, Australia

Port Arthur - Convict Settlement Port Arthur - Convict Settlement Launceston, Australia
Tesselated Pavement Tesselated Pavement Launceston, Australia
Convict Bridge - Richmond Convict Bridge - Richmond Launceston, Australia
Last Night Last Night Singapore, Singapore
Jetty Tioman Style Jetty Tioman Style Singapore, Singapore

Backpacker Huts Backpacker Huts Singapore, Singapore
Island Sign Island Sign Singapore, Singapore
Lunch After Our Trek Lunch After Our Trek Singapore, Singapore
The Waterfall The Waterfall Singapore, Singapore
Our Jungle Trek Our Jungle Trek Singapore, Singapore

Resort View From The Golf Course Resort View From The Golf Course Singapore, Singapore
Shopping - Singapore Shopping - Singapore Singapore, Singapore
Colourful Produce - Singapore Colourful Produce - Singapore Singapore, Singapore
Meeting Friends Meeting Friends Singapore, Singapore

Volendam.  Volendam. Honolulu, United States
Paintings in all rooms. Paintings in all rooms. Vancouver, Canada
Our hotel Our hotel Vancouver, Canada
Interesting Interesting Vancouver, Canada
. . Vancouver, Canada

. . Vancouver, Canada
. . Vancouver, Canada
Beginning of Journey Beginning of Journey Đông Anh, Vietnam
Whale or crocodile?? Whale or crocodile?? Cape Otway, Australia
Dromana bay Dromana bay Cape Otway, Australia

Road shot Road shot Cape Otway, Australia
Culturally diverse Culturally diverse Cape Otway, Australia
On the ferry On the ferry Cape Otway, Australia
Church on the grounds Church on the grounds Bunratty, Ireland
3-jpg 3-jpg Boonooroo, Australia