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I have traveled to 4 countries, posted 577 pictures and written 80 entries in 4 travel blogs
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list of dreams
  updated 8/2014
  • Learn chinese
  • Learn spanish
  • live in china
  • motorcycle around the world
  • do more yoga
  • travel africa
  • visit ireland
  • learn to salsa
  • Triple crown of Hiking PCT,CDT,AT
  • earn college degree
  • Travel around america
  • Surf
  • get married
  • MMA fight
  • go to alaska
  • run a marathon
  • learn the cello
  • 6 pack
  • sell song
  • learn Motorcycle maintenance
  • visit olympic games
  • swim every ocean
  • learn to cook
  • stay in touch
  • climb mountains
  • write an auto biography
  • have a marching band follow me around
  • meet family in Africa
  • Get to know Michel
  • snowboard all over
  • be in an archaeological dig
  • visit historical Europe
  • Run for office
  • shoot a deer
  • white water kayak
  • star in a play
  • be in a movie
  • water ski, get out of water
  • be a big brother in the big brother sister program
  • ride a hot air balloon
  • be a radio DJ
  • Grow a salsa garden!
  • visit every national park
  • work at a national park
  • Climb a 20,000+ Ft. mountain

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  • This is the End - Aug 31, 2015

    I learned that sometimes all it takes to do something amazing is to stop thinking about it and just let it happen one baby step at a time On March 22nd I stood on the Mexican border with nerv...

  • The Pink Yo-Yo - Aug 19, 2015

    Sometimes I have a tendency to do things a bit differently. I crave the rush that comes with knowing I'm making a stupid, brash, and in the moment decision. This is why I was probably the one that ...

  • The Final Pit Stop - Aug 14, 2015

    The Smell of maple leaves is in the air. Sadly though, the smell of smoke is stronger. I am at the final pit stop, after over 2500 miles of walking i am only 190 miles away from the red Monte on ho...

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