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I have traveled to 4 countries, posted 547 pictures and written 68 entries in 4 travel blogs
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list of dreams
  updated 8/2014
  • Learn chinese
  • Learn spanish
  • live in china
  • motorcycle around the world
  • do more yoga
  • travel africa
  • visit ireland
  • learn to salsa
  • Triple crown of Hiking PCT,CDT,AT
  • earn college degree
  • Travel around america
  • Surf
  • get married
  • MMA fight
  • go to alaska
  • run a marathon
  • learn the cello
  • 6 pack
  • sell song
  • learn Motorcycle maintenance
  • visit olympic games
  • swim every ocean
  • learn to cook
  • stay in touch
  • climb mountains
  • write an auto biography
  • have a marching band follow me around
  • meet family in Africa
  • Get to know Michel
  • snowboard all over
  • be in an archaeological dig
  • visit historical Europe
  • Run for office
  • shoot a deer
  • white water kayak
  • star in a play
  • be in a movie
  • water ski, get out of water
  • be a big brother in the big brother sister program
  • ride a hot air balloon
  • be a radio DJ
  • Grow a salsa garden!
  • visit every national park
  • work at a national park
  • Climb a 20,000+ Ft. mountain

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  • Into the highest sierra - May 16, 2015

    May 7th I walked up to the Kennedy meadows general store with dark clouds blowing in behind me. I would be leaving the desert and starting the next leg of my trip. Ahead of me was 10,000 ft or hig...

  • Adzpctko - Apr 24, 2015

    Adzpctko ( Annual day zero Pacific crest trail kick off) is by far the longest acronym for an event that I have attended, Which is surprising because I I thought Quakers made the longest acronyms. ...

  • May day May1st! One thing that I tell people constantly when thru hiking is it doesn't matter how fast you walk, how slow you walk, or how exhausted you are. You never know where your going to be t...

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