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French, Estonian, English and a bit of Dutch, Finnish, Russian and Spanish
Sirli described by J-P: Sirli (aka Tibu) is a very enthusiastic person, always curious to discover new things. Facing a crossroad, she would prefer the original road leading to new experiences rather than the usual one. 
She likes dancing, music, traveling and new medias. 
She is a specialist of preparing the small details for an event or a party, so that guests would feel good, enjoy and have fun. She is also very thorough: when she starts something, it will be done and well done. 
Sirli never panics, she can keep her calm even in stressful circomstances. A wonderful travel companion. 

J-P described by Sirli: J-P (aka Tintin) is very curious and likes to discover new cultures, places, people and food. When visiting a new place and discovering a new culture, he always aims to see the local's perspective. He could sleep in a hut, full of mosquito bites and still be happy, because it's more adventurous than a nice hotel room. When he meets people, he always knows how to ask the right questions, show interest in other people and make them talk. Talking to people, rather than reading guide books - that' s how he gets his knowledge about a new culture. 
He is a very good cook and also knows how to enjoy good food. He likes football, traveling and reading about history. 
When he has a goal to reach, he works very efficiently and dedicates himself until he gets to the goal. That is why he is very good at travel planning.
By complementing each other, we make a very good traveling team! We have been to 22 countries together and shared wonderful experiences and memories and met some really wonderful people. 

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  • Quelles chutes! - Aug 18, 2012

    Olà! Les chutes d'Iguassu se trouvent entre l'Argentine et le Brésil, et notre visite est avant tout une histoire de frontières. Notre avion atterri côté argentin. Mais à peine arrivés, nous all...

  • L'île de Robinson? - Aug 14, 2012

    Bonjour tout le monde! On ne pouvait pas visiter le Brésil sans bronzer sur ses plages paradisiaques. Nous allons donc poser nos valises pour quelques jours à la Costa Verde, au sud de Rio de ...

  • La dame aux chats - Aug 6, 2012

    Oi! Au début on pensait repasser par Rio et faire simplement deux nuits de couchsurfing à Niteroi, dans la banlieue résidentielle de Rio, mais il s'avère que l'expérience était bien plus intéres...

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