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English; varying degrees of success in French, German, and a few others.
Hello! I'm Taylor. I was born on Okinawa and raised in the US and Europe, and I stopped counting how many times I've moved many years ago. I'm more of a transient resident than a traveller with a home base.

I love beginnings, surprises, and being outdoors as much as being in museums, galleries, and the odd dive bar. Fun includes hiking and water sports, noisy alt-country and quieter blues, and taking things apart to see how they work. I'm good at finding things (good restaurants, obscure facts, lost shoes). I'm not so good at compromise or getting around to putting the things I take apart back together. 

I love maps. I'd have loved to have been a cartographer when coastlines tapered off into unknowns and there were fearsome and colorful monsters at the edges. I'd have loved to see the fearsome monsters in person, too. 

What else? I have an extreme sensitivity to the texture of food, and a deep distrust of eggplant and anything with the texture of mushy oatmeal. I'm endlessly fascinated by animals and plants and the occasional human, and am curious about most subjects. I think most people spend too much of their lives worrying about unimportant things. I think there's no excuse for pa'an, cashew juice, or that salty licorice chew stuff that's so popular in Sweden and Finland, but I also think everyone should try everything once, including those. I don't think you should ever take someone else's word as the final truth about anything. That about covers it...

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  • Catching Up - Nov 28, 2012

    Yikes, it's been a while. I was back to Jo’burg for a couple of weeks, mostly to get the rest of the dental work done (nothing to say about that, except that if you’re afraid of drills ...

  • Livingstone has only existed for just over 100 years, and at one point was considered (by Europeans) to be one of the most civilized places in southern Africa. There's a decent little history of...

  • Maramba Market - Oct 30, 2012

    This is where regular people shop (photos below). It's a wide-spread warren of stalls and stands, where you can get everything from fresh vegetables and dried fish to furniture, live chickens to sh...

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