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I have traveled to 67 countries, posted 6,931 pictures and written 447 entries in 1 travel blog
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  • Driving - Nov 3, 2014

    Had good rest on our way again towards the island of Mosambique hoping to reach there tomorrow.As I was saying before the people here are always going or coming back real hype of activity, not w...

  • Another capital - Oct 26, 2014

    We had a visit at 6am by a family of 3 elephants who just wandered around Kirsty taking a look at us. At the same time there was a group of impala and baboons also in the area. On the way out of ...

  • Into the park - Oct 25, 2014

    Drove the 130 kms to the park itself, the first 40 kms were quite horrid with very badly corrugated roads and we could only manage 15 kph, after that it was OK though. This park is a bit special ...

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  • Travel blog thumbnail Leaving USA
    Jan 01, 2001 to Dec 28, 2010 447 entries 6931 pictures

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