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I have traveled to 71 countries, posted 7,284 pictures and written 478 entries in 1 travel blog
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  • More problems - Mar 29, 2015

    Set off once more and all went well until we started through the Abbay Gorge and about 4km from the top we lost all the oil from the gearbox. On getting underneath I saw that the oil had come out o...

  • Visa problem - Mar 28, 2015

    Set off first thing and started to re - trace our route back to Bahir Dar. We got there with no problems and eventually found the Immigration office to renew our visa. Once more another problem, it...

  • Vehicle problems - Feb 5, 2015

    Set off again still got the same problem but eventually we got to the town and asked for a Mercedes garage. We were told that the garage was a franchised Mercedes garage, but in the end it turn...

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  • Travel blog thumbnail Leaving USA
    Jan 01, 2001 to Dec 28, 2010 478 entries 7284 pictures

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