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I have traveled to 27 countries, posted 6,187 pictures and written 58 entries in 5 travel blogs
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Mar 25, 2013

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A Network Engineer!!!
Favourite music
Electronic and Trance and the oldies, but everything in between I also enjoy
Favourite movie
Thirteen Days, Screw Loose, Asterix & Obelix among many others
English, Canadian French, Italian.
Favourite quote
"Your Life - Your Way - Live it, Love it, Own it!!!"
Interests and hobbies
Enjoy Traveling, skiing, running, hiking, camping, movies.
One thing I want to do before I die
Travel from South America to hiking the "Darien" in Central America, to South East Asia and of course Africa
Favourite book
Pride & Prejudice (by: Jane Austen)
My friends describe me as
***UNSTOPPABLE*** Intelligent, easy going & adventurous.
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Birth of my boys - the moment when a special someone told me "I Love You". Meeting awesome new people in distant lands...Getting what you want after striving for it for so long.
Hi everyone; what can I say about myself that most of my piers would state as well. I would have to say it is:  Given a challenge - I'll show them!!!

Being a person that accepts most challenges in all types of venues, there is not much that I will not attempt. This also is true to traveling - I have been to a few exotic and dangerous locales and enjoyed them immensely.  
Over the years, I have developed a few passions along the way - traveling obviously is one of them.
I have been to many a place in this world but still have many more to go and explore. 
This is why this blog has been created - it is to share in my joy and experiences of it all.  I am glad to have you all with me during these journeys.      **** Earth Image!!!****

A little about the type of person I am:     ** me - in depth **

 I enjoy a variety of activities, from doing things outdoors (soccer - biking - running - walks - camping) to enjoying indoor events as well (such as a good game of pool, watching a movie, or going to see live theater or even a symphony etc).
I do enjoy spending time with friends (on a nice patio with drinks and munchies during warmer weather season or a night of dancing).

 I have lived my life by this motto "Live life to its fullest but do so within reason", meaning within reason sometimes doesn't always come into play, I have put myself out there in some situations that perhaps I should not have :-(

I like to have fun, and can dress up with the best of them or stay in with a nice hot-chocolate relaxing in front of either a good movie and/or a nice fire. 

As I mentioned, I love to travel and have done a great deal of it, it is a must for me - and is always nice, fun and can be romantic - either getting away for a day to a nice small town or going farther away - it does not matter, the experience of meeting new people and learning of different cultures is always a thrill and brings a smile to my face :-)

That is me in a nutshell, if you would like to know a little more about me - do not hesitate to message me.

Ok, let the fun and adventures begin...

See you all soon.

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