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Writer.... sort of
Favourite music
Wide and varied but has to actually qualify as "music"
Favourite movie
I don't know. They're movies... who cares?
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Humans readily accept what they want or expect to hear. They're just not keen on the truth...
Interests and hobbies
Motorcycles, writing, drinking too much until I throw up on people.
One thing I want to do before I die
Discover the secret of immortality
Favourite book
Hitch-hikers guide to the Galaxy.
My friends describe me as
An idiot
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Best travel moments... riding across the pyrenees, watching a small Thai girl milking a dog, watching an asian woman eat the head off of a fish, riding 17 hours over Europe in one day, riding one end to the other in Switzerland... the best is yet to come.
So the trip runs from London in the UK to Bangkok. We're hoping to arrive in Thailand by Christmas. I'm riding with Marcin, a Polish motorcycle traveller with impressive experience and tolerance to alcohol. Marcin has to be in Sydney over Christmas which complicates things a little bit. We're meeting in Poland and then heading down through Slovakia to Turkey and over the last bit of the Middle-East the Americans haven't blown up yet before they get round to doing just that. Iran, Pakistan, India and then Nepal to fly to Thailand.
I have been training for this trip by drinking too much and it seems to be helping.
The bike is a BMW G650X-country, a 650 single. Awesomely reliable, cheap to run and easy to get consumer parts for. It's no great performer but i have confidence in it which is more important. Marcin is riding a KTM Adventure 990 which is not known for reliability and not great or fuel consumption but is more comfortable and powerful.

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