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I have traveled to 3 countries, posted 371 pictures and written 52 entries in 3 travel blogs
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The Beverlyhills of Glasgow,
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Jul 30, 2012

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Being a top aunite
Favourite music
Ellie Goulding, KT Tunstall, Amy Macdonald, Sam Cooke, Macklemore, Majestic Casual, Coldplay, Stereophonics
Favourite movie
The notebook, Titanic, Pocahontas,Ladder 49, Million Dollar Baby....they all make me cry
I can translate people speaking on jeremy kyle?
Favourite quote
"Aim for the moon. If you miss it, you may hit a star". W.Clement Stone
Interests and hobbies
♥Cumbernauld Colts Ladies Football Club ♥
One thing I want to do before I die
To do America all over again
Favourite book
Anne Franks Diary & Catcher In The Rye. You also canny whack numbers 1,4,22 and 19 of the Katie Price autobiographies......wonderful read so they are.
My friends describe me as
A pinapple head with a lot of loving and a good heart
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Becoming an auntie Serving Channing Tatum his quarter deluxe at drive thru. Meeting Ellie Goulding Meeting Buzz lightyear in Eurodisney. Visiting the US of A Antigua 2011 with the maw.
I'm jojo to my friends, family, neighbours dugs, cats, hamsters and the odd goldfish. I have a sense of humour as dry as a flip flop. In fact its probably a broken flip flop that is irritating yet you don't want to throw it out because it is your favourite pair. I love nothing more to type in Glaswegian slang from time to time and don't be surprised if I sarcastically make my way through my blogging. When I can I'll drop the word  "Acumen" into conversation because lets face it, its a delight. Clingfilm sandwiches, Mouldy jam jars and hairs in yoghurt give me the boak. A night out  involves my right hand lady McGovern and some terrible dancing with cocktails and laughter somewhere in Glasgow. I love a night in just as much, particularly if a duvet and munchies are involved. I have a scar at the top of my stomach from when I was battling with Captain Hook at the age of 8... In other words I fell out a tree whilst pretending to be a pirate and its never gone away.You might know me from my 10minute stint on radio? Or from being one number off winning 5.5million in the lottery (true) Okay this is awkward, well you probably know me because I've desperately begged you via email to have a swatch! (of my blog you animal). Or my mum has pestered you to "Check out jojos blog thingy"...equally as awkward. If this wee paragraph has set your juices flowing for some more of my tales whilst abroad then scroll up and read, laugh and pass it on. You've heard more about me, you've heard my encounter with captain hook and now I hope you're hooked (see what I did there) on my travels. If you didn't snigger, smile or trigger a LOL moment then in the words of Victor Meldrew; "I Don't Believe It" and sadly its time for you to get back to living your life too serious.

Much Love Amegos

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  • Mornings; my most dreaded part of the day. I can have a hundred hours of sleep the night before and I'll still wake up with the same thought in my head... 'Away you go...CLICK SNOOZE on my alarm...

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