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I have traveled to 5 countries, posted 31 pictures and written 11 entries in 5 travel blogs
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Bowen Island, BC,
Canada Flag of Canada
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Oct 25, 2010

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artist wannabe
Favourite music
Pretty well anything, but usually only when i paint
Favourite movie
Avatar, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Fight Club
English (expert), French (beginner), Spanish (beginner)
Favourite quote
"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" -- George Burnard Shaw
Interests and hobbies
painting in acrylic & watercolour, photography -- viewing art (especially fond of lowbrow & impressionism at the moment) --- collecting cool stuff like toy robots & rayguns -- hiking, backpacking, kayaking, dancing -- movies, books, facebook
One thing I want to do before I die
Well... travel around the earth of course! :-)
Favourite book
'Hawaii' by James A Michener, 'Cell' by Stephen King
My friends describe me as
adventurous, artistic
I'm a girl who never did grow up! I'm a sci-fi geek Tikiphile. My kids are grown & gone and now is the time for some adventure! Personality-wise, i'm extremely open-minded, rather easy going & non-judgemental, with a strong sense of adventure. I can be a quiet recluse with dreams of homesteading & sustainablilty, or a social butterfly who just wants to have fun & meet new people. I'm an artist who has had 'painter's block' for a while now and am hoping that i will be able to pick up the brush again. 

I want to travel the world, but i really want to start with the North, so i'm moving up to Yellowknife, NWT for a year by myself (in June, 2011), to start things off. I've been hearing the Siren Call of the North very strongly for years now. I want to live with the Aurora Borealis!

Although when the time comes for this upcoming adventure, i don't want to go as simply a tourist.  I want to be a traveler... a gypsy vagabond with a backpack, moving around the earth for an indefinite amount of time.  I want to be able to work for food & shelter (or money, if that's possible, to get me to the next place).  I want to actually live in different countries... with interesting new people, learning the customs & languages.  Sharing my culture (if they're interested).  Couchsurfing is definitely on the agenda as well, because what better way to truly immerse yourself?

Anyway, got to get Yellowknife under my belt first.  And plan for the Odyssey in the meantime... 

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  • A cute little town called Leavenworth, Washington was our first stop on our journey across the continent. It had a German village theme to it. I bought my first hat of the trip, and Moo got some we...

  • As i mentioned before, i've not even spent my year in Yellowknife yet, and i'm already dreaming & planning the years afterwards... my vagabond years! Hehe. I really should be working on getting...

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