The northern bit of the northern bit of Australia.

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I have traveled to 27 countries, posted 19 pictures and written 100 entries in 6 travel blogs
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Mar 28, 2007

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Part time Genius. Professional smart a$$
Favourite music
Most of it, except for the crap stuff.
Victoria, Australia
Favourite movie
'Strayan, some German and fluent in Drunk
Favourite quote
If something is fun it will be more fun with beer.
Interests and hobbies
Eating, drinking and being merry. Attempting to play touch football and diving.
One thing I want to do before I die
Amass loads of friends / travel experiences / money
Favourite book
Guide to the modern drunk
My friends describe me as
The most amazing moment in my life so far
Sitting on a deserted beach in Fiji, MP3 player in the ears, cold stubby in the hand. Good place to sit and think. That's all I can think of at the moment. There's probably a better one, but I'm missing time here and there...
Photos of Paris
One weekend in Paris...

Pics of Roma!
Rome pics

The Lakes District, UK
Nature. It'll give you a runny nose.

La Tomatina
La Tomatina, here we come!

Espania - the rest
Non Tomatina photos of Spain

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Photos of Deutschland!
I think we went to Octoberfest. In September.

Zurich, Swedenland.
Switzerland / Sweden... Kinda like Iran / Iraq...

Egypt, Mk I
20 photos down, 980 to go...

Egypt Mk VI
More Egyptian photos, in no particular order...

Pics of Portugal
A weekend of Castles, port and disaproving grannies.

Egypt Mk II
Sick of Egypt yet?

Some BIG photos of the BIG apple.
New York. It's BIG.

Egypt Mk III
The grouse pyramid.

Wales - stoopid rugby world cup...
Didn't want the thing anyway...

It's my Ireland.
All pubs are WHAT over Easter? So what are we going to do?

Egypt - the money shot(s).
If Egypt were p*rn, this would be the money shot...

Hunting for Santa in the French alps.
Skiing is for pansies. Now, about that wafer thin slice of cheese...

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    Cape York. It's only 1,000 km from Cairns... Made it there. Made it back. 12 days of Camping. I'm never camping ever again. Best bit: Chilli Beach. Or maybe Eliott Falls. Worst bit. A sl...

  • The Telegraph Track: 3 days, 2 nights, 1 t-shirt, 1 plugga, 80 litres of drinking water, 40 litres of petrol, one flat battery, one discovery that cars are not waterproof when swimming them across ...

  • Sorry for the delay. I fell down a waterfall. Good bit: I didn't break any bones and managed to keep the camera out of the water and off the rocks. Bad bit: Blood. Lots of blood. My legs blackened ...

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