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Here's the deal: I'm going places. And I don't generally sit down and write about myself. Most of my frantic typing (better labeled as abuse to my poor keyboard) ends up as half-crazed chapters of creative fiction or research essays for school. I do, however, have one trusty little travel journal I have owned since 2003:[see it here]

There it is. Mickey Mouse doodles, gel pen scribbles, and sparkly stickers cover its yellow pages, and it's still not filled after all this time. So let's face it: I'm not a patient person. Who knows how much time I'll have to put pen to paper when I'm off this summer, and who knows how many stories I'll want to keep track of and how many details I'll want to remember. Hence, I have created this. My own little oasis; my little piece of Peas on Earth. If you're here, welcome.  I hope you enjoy my travels just as much as I do.

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  • On our last day, we didn't go wine tasting, or eat French cheese, or go to the museums, or do anything cultural. We went to the Harry Potter Expo. And it was great. Basically Jacoba and I spe...

  • I think I'm going to put the past few days in one entry again. Being sick hasn't made live blogging very productive. Okay, so: Sunday, 9 August: Versailles Although I wasn't feeling 100% u...

  • There's good news and bad news. Bad news always first: Jonathan and I are sort of sick, or something. I mentioned I was feeling under the weather in my last entry, and that hasn't gone away. ...

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