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Jazz, 80's and 90's prog rock, celtic folk
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The Red Violin, Truman Show, Mad City, American Beauty
English, Chinese
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Cycling, triathlon, cross country skiing
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Ball Four by Jim Bouton
Basically, I'm just a guy who doesn't know what to do yet, so I figured I should just go explore. So long as I can keep myself afloat (and if I'm lucky, stash away some money) then all the better.

I grew up in Chicago, IL and lived there till I was 18 years old. I pretty much stayed in the city and did city things right up until my senior year in college. I spent my college years in southern Wisconsin and kept on moving further north. With each move I began to appreciate travel and the outdoors more.

When I was younger I really didn't care that much about travel (unless it was to Disney World), but my family traveled a lot. Turns out, we were just travelling the wrong way for my tastes. I've set foot in seven different countries (US, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Germany and China) and have lived in two (US and China).

So far my favorite two trips would be my second trip to Brazil and my second trip to London. My first trip to Brazil was the first trip that I got to travel in my way. My dad worked for a company that had a branch in Brazil, so he often travelled there. After I graduated grade school he brought me there and I was able to go around with an employee of the company for two weeks. Basically, I just told the guy to show me normal things that people do and bring me to some places that the locals go to get away. Later my dad told me that he scolded the guy for basically 'running errands with me.' I told my dad that's what I actually wanted to do, and that was the end of the complaining from his end. However, I was still way too young (and city) to go ahead and fully appreciate this trip.

The London trip was a college course. Basically the theme of the course was experience London culture, both on the West End and elsewhere. In total we saw 7 plays. However, we also were given ample free time to do our own thing. I took advantage of this and spent nearly all of my days outside walking around. Usually I would just walk around, listen to some street performers, have lunch in a pub, go to a museum, have dinner in a pub and then see a play in the evening. It was the easiest college class I ever had. I've also never thought I would consume that much alcohol during a college class as well.

I didn't get into bike touring until after I graduated college and moved further north. I someday hope to tour the British Isles, Austrailia and parts of the US by bike before my body falls apart.

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