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I have traveled to 1 country, posted 1 picture and written 2 entries in 1 travel blog
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Maung Sing,
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Dec 22, 2005

About Akha

A life time of travels with the Akha
Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, China and beyond.

Why we pay attention when people withhold care for the Akha
We love those who travel on a limited budget and still help others. Here is what we documented while traveling in Thailand and presented to the UN at Geneva.

Video and audio downloads with the Akha, books, all free.
Lots of books, audio, video, music, and a lot more being added, Akha life. More than 10,000 downloads so far.

Full on Akha photo gallery. Growing by the day.
Lots of photos of the Akha, more than 1,000 on this site.

Akha Blog
An ongoing blog about our work with the Akha.

Trying to get wife a visa, oh man!
Getting a visa isn't easy, not for Akha, not for activists. Only a few Akha in the US. But the US drug war has killed hundreds.

Akha Weekly Journal
More than 400 Journal Entries over the years. More than 1200 members. Not for those unwilling to rumple their illusions and their dream trip.

Akha Chronicles, An entire travel journal.
45 Chapters. A couple thousand pages. See the first five chapters on line.

Documentation On the Hardships of the Akha in Laos
For the trekkers who want to just have their three day junket to an Akha village and never trouble themselves with the true plight of these people, most of whom don't even have mosquito nets, some interesting reads.

A blog about the Akha in Czech language
A Czech Activist blog about the Akha situation.

Recent Entries by Akha

  • Our parents gave us round the world tickets for our shoe string trip. We met because our fraternity and sorority house were across from each others. Our school cost about $30,000 per year. We reall...

  • Malaria is a severe situation for the Akha of Laos. Action Contre Le Faim states in its recent report that up to 20% of some Akha villages died in the first year following their forced relocations....

Travel Blogs by Akha

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