Super 8 Daytona Beach Oceanfront

Address: 700 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32118-3805, United States | 1 star hotel
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This 1 star hotel, located on 700 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, is near Boardwalk Amusement Area and Pier, Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory, Beach Street, and Tuscawilla Park.
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        Historical Traveler Reviews Super 8 Daytona Beach Oceanfront

        Belated review, took this long to bring myself to speak of it...


        "If I could turn back time. If I could find a way..." - Cher


        This all began when I decided to take my family to Daytona Beach for a vacation instead of the Alabama gulf coast or the Florida panhandle. If I could rewind the clock, I would have done things differently, but modern technology still has not conquered the problem of time travel.

        Normally, we would have driven a few hours to a much nicer, cleaner, more family-oriented beach rather than making the extra long trip to DB, but I had not been to an Atlantic Ocean beach since my childhood, when we would spend a weekend once a year in St. Augustine. Now that I am married and have my own child, I wanted to take my family to share in some of the places I saw as a kid. So after a long 7-hour drive we arrived at the place my wife had booked for us. Immediately upon pulling into the parking lot, I suffered a massive sinking sensation in my gut. I already found myself dreading a 6-night stay in this place, and I had not even seen the room yet. But the lobby was nice and I have stayed places before that looked from the outside like roaches were holding hands to keep the building from falling apart only to find renovated, spotless, comfy interiors. So up to the room we went.

        "The horror! The horror!" - Kurtz, "Heart of Darkness"


        Well, the elevators weren't working apparently (actually I never even saw any elevators, I guess they were around somewhere), so up the narrow, dimly-lit stairs we went. I really didn't want to open the door to the room, afraid of what we'd find, and sure enough, my fears were validated. A tiny, tiny room with one of those loud, dripping air conditioners, complete with mold aplenty. A balcony door that would not lock. A bathroom that looked like the ones in the rooms at the 60 year-old hospital in my hometown. Just an overall icky feeling to even be in there. I wouldn't let my 3-year old son stand on the balcony because I wasn't sure if a tetanus shot had been included in all those boosters he had when he was a baby. It was bad enough that his feet were black just from walking on the carpet. I had to plug in the refrigerator, which made a racket and I wasn't even sure it was going to work or not. This place was nothing like advertised, nothing like it at all. It was portrayed as a family place, but we were basically stuck in a 3rd floor closet after making reservations a month prior for a 1st floor room (mainly due to my wife being pregnant and not needing to walk up multiple flights of narrow stairs). We decided within the first 10 minutes of entering the room that there was no way we were going to stay there more than just that one night.

        "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife." - God


        I guess my second mistake was letting my wife go down to the front desk to let them know we would be leaving in the morning while I took my son to the beach so he could see the Atlantic Ocean in case we left town altogether the next day. She went into the lobby and was speaking with the woman behind the desk about our little problem, when in comes some drunkard. At first, my wife didn't pay him much attention, thinking he was just another guest waiting in line to check in (or check out, as I am sure many people do under cover of night from this place, too afraid to wait until morning). But then he shuffled up next to her. My wife stepped a little to the side to give him more room at the counter, but apparently space is not what he wanted. Next thing, he was rubbing her arm and her shoulder up near her neck. My wife jerked away and the bum almost fell over. The lady behind the desk had to chase him out of the lobby. He still waited outside even after all this, so the lady had to call the police. My wife was so terrified that she ran up that narrow stairwell, pregnant and all, until she reached the comparitive safety of our room (at least the hallway door locked). I was glad I was down on the beach with my kid, because I would have been in jail for manslaughter if I had seen that sleazeball groping my wife. I am not a big fella, but he wouldn't have wanted to find out how little that would have mattered. Needless to say, we didn't even bother to bring in our bags. We resolved to sleep as best we could in that pigsty and find a better place in the morning. I mean, we had a 3-year old with us! Not the greatest atmosphere for good family fun.

        Robbie: "Faster! Faster!"

        Steve: "Don't look back!" - From the motion picture POLTERGEIST


        Thankfully, our vacation was salvaged by my dad, who knew someone who had an available condo in Gulf Shores that we could use for the rest of the week. Beautiful room, guards for security, you name it (it was well worth the 7 hour drive back over to Alabama - Thanks Dad) We didn't waste much time getting out of Dodge. I didn't care of I ever came back to DB ever again. My wife wanted to try and get a total refund, but I told her to let them keep the one night's stay since we did sleep there overnight and the brave lady behind the desk did come to my wife's defense in my absence during the drunken assault ordeal. Besides, you know that scene in the 1979 version of "Amityville Horror" where the family barely escapes the demonically possessed house and drives frantically away, just glad to be free of the clutches of the evil? Do you think if the wife had turned to her husband and said "Honey, I left 80 bucks on the dresser - can we go back and get it ", that the husband would have done a 180 and gone back to get the cash? Of course not. 'Nuff said.

        Nothing like the pictures (Dump)


        We were there for the Pepsi 400 also, a total of 5 nites at this dump, we had read previous reviews, called also & was told contruction would be finished by the time we arrived, NO WAY. the Hotel looks NOTHING like the pictures posted on the internet. The place needs to be torn down & start over again, like another person said if it was $50.00 it would have been o.k but $170.00 the dump. I do have to give the staff credit, they were all very nice to us, anything we needed we got, such as no trash can in the room, we didn't want to throw trash on the floor, even tho it was a dump, we don't live that way. If u was out pass 10 or 11 at nite, there was no where to park when u got back to your room, Cabs drivers blocked the whole parking area. Pool looked dirty, no lights around it. In all i was totally disappointed in this place, & would not stay there again.

        Crappy Hotel


        See the review below mine-it is all true. I too had called the hotel before my trip and was assured these bad reviews were all unfounded. The broken wobbly steps mentioned in the previous person's review? Still broken. Elevator? Still broken. We too had a 3rd floor room. What an exhausting walk up after all day at the beach. Our room was not very clean, and the bathroom was not very clean. There was still major construction going on, very loud and noisy, very late at night.

        We were down at the pool, and we found that someone had thrown raw shrimp in the pool, it was gross. The pool also had some sort of yellow algae so we got out. We were sitting by the pool, when we saw a TV come flying out of a 3rd floor window and CRASH right into a dumpster they were using! The dumpster was right in the parking lot. They kept launching large items out the windows-very scary.

        The service was not the best quality either. We never got clean towels unless we asked, and we also had to ask 2 times for toilet paper. Our balcony looked like it had a crack in the foundation. Lucky for us it did not fall in.

        If this was a hotel that was $50 per night, I would not complain. We were there for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona Speedway, so these losers jacked up their room prices to $170 per night-can you believe it!!?? What a ripoff.

        Anyone considering a trip to Daytona Beach.... I would recommend the Ocean Walk Hotel. Pricey-but very beautiful with lots of things to do. Eddie Money gave a free concert there the weekend we were there. Very cool.

        Hope this review helps someone avoid a horrible stay at the beach.

        Stay away in droves


        I trusted the hotel since it was linked to several major, websites. That was my first mistake. To call this place a dump would be a dangerous oversimplification. Of course I was aware that hurricanes had ravaged the area, (I vacation in Volusia County at least once a years). Prior to booking thru an online service, I got the number of the hotel and called them directly. I spoke with 2 different front desk people on two different occassions and was ASSURED, that the hotel was in good condition, and that the damage that remained was primarily cosmetic, (grounds, pool, exterior paint). The elevator was still inoperable, (the hurricane was in '04), and they had booked us on the 3rd floor. There was still MAJOR construction going on starting early in the am and it continued until after 8pm. It appeared that only about 1/3 of the rooms were 'fit' to be occupied. The rooms are located off of an interior corridor and there was no carpet in the hallway. It had been stripped down to the concrete so they every time someone closed a door anywhere on the floor, it sounded like they were storming the beach at Normandy. Also, our hotel was the official/unofficial taxi stand, and everytime we got ready to enter/exit the parking lot we would have to go over to the sleeping cabbies and ask them to move so that we could get into our space. They had the audacity to appear annoyed that we were disturbing them!!

        The front desk staff was rude and unprofessional. I made 3 separate trips to the front deak on 3 different days to address various issues, and absolutely none of them were addressed. When I told them that the condition of the hotel had been misrepresented, they looked at me like I was out of my mind.

        Some of the conditions were a nuisance, like the cabbies and the noise, but some of them I went beyond nuisance to dangerous. They stairwell, which we had to use since there was no elevator, has loose steps that would move (rock back and forth) when you stepped on them. Our shower stall had about 2+ inches of water trapped between the fiberglass tub lining and the floor so that it 'squished' when you stood in the shower. That has got to be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. We were afraid to stay in the shower for more than a few seconds for fear of squishing out something that we could end up inhaling.

        We returned one day to find that our bathroom had been 'used' between the time the left, and returned that evening. When I went down stairs to tell the clerk about it. She said, 'Oh yeah, it was probably the maintenance men'. We thought that maybe they were there to open the safe, that we had been unable to use since we arrived. No chance of that. She said that they were checking rooms, because they had had Seven ceiling to fall in the night before. Imagine trying to sleep in the room after that.

        The icing on the cake was when I was cursed at by the desk clerk. Upon check-in you are advised that they have a policy of charging you $2 per night for use of a room safe. No problem with that. Actually, we had just come off of a cruise and had used the safe in our state room aboard ship. The problem was that the safe needed to have the door left open in order to enter your code. Our door (of course) was closed, I immediately told the desk clerk, who said that the maintenance man had already gone, but that she would advise him that it needed to be done. So, she willingly took the charge off for the 2 days and ASSURED me, that it would be done that day. Well, in three days of reminding them it never happened.

        Upon check out the male desk clerk asked me if i wanted to keep the charge on my credit card. I said yes, but asked to see a copy of my bill to be sure that charges were correct. Lo and behold there sits the infamous $2 charge for the room safe. I told him that we were never able to use it. His response was that we had to pay it because he had no way of knowing whether we used it not. I advised him that the real issue was the fact that we were never ABLE to use it because it had never been opened, and because of that we had to carry our valuables with us whenever we left the room. His response was that he had to verify that the safe was closed. I told him no problem, that we would wait. He picked up the two way radio and appeared to radio someone. Well, we waited, and waited. (Yes, I know it's only $2, but after everything we'd been thru, it was now a matter of principle.) He then took the radio into the back room and said that the maintenance man had radioed him and that the safe was working fine. I advised him that we never said that the safe didn't work. The issue was that it was closed and we could never get out code into it. There was a sign on the safe that asked the guest to please leave the door open upon departure. Since we hadn't turned in our room keys, I sent my friend back up to the room to check the safe. There is sat, door still locked. When she told him that, he became furious. He took the charge off, but then threw the receipt on the counter and yelled for us to 'Have a nice day'. I asked for a copy of the bill; he shoved the incorrect copy at me and walked off. When I asked for a corrected copy, (one that matched the charge receipt), he balled the other one up, threw it in the trash, told us that WE were being rude. I think a huge part of his frustration was in getting caught telling lie about having the maintenance man check the safe.) I told him that was not my intention to be rude, however I was not going to pay for services that were never made available, and that I was entitled to have written proof in the form of a corrected document that showed that I was not being charged. He then dropped and F-bomb in the form of an 'F-You' and stormed to the back. He didn't realize that one of the housekeeping staff was back there eavesdropping on the entire exchange. When he realized that there was a witness, he tried to back track and say that the issues were not his fault, and that were were being 'mean' to him. I told him that expecting to pay only for what you receive, and to recive She acknowledge that there were serious issues that needed to be addressed, and that the manager needed to be there to address them.

        I just got back from my trip last nite and I wanted to write this while the issues were still fresh, although I doubt that I will ever forget this experience.

        DUMP! STAY AWAY!


        This place is a dump! And the staff is very very rude. Oh and have fun trying to get them to clean your room. And if you have alergies all the rooms has mold. Sheets are dirty. Shower was filthly just a overall dump. Needs to be tore down!

        Very Satisfied


        For the past two years, my husband, daughter and I stayed at the Atlantic Las Brisas, formally Waters Edge. The only problem we encountered was bad lighting in the bathroom. The first year, we had an oceanview room on the second floor and this past year, we stayed on the third with our older daughter and her boyfriend. They are 24 years old and we all loved the pool area which was very clean. The staff was friendly and the rooms were extremely clean. We had two bedrooms. It is a pure joy to go back year after year and enjoy the beach, pool, and walking distance to the boardwalk. Atlantic Las Brisas has given us nothing but great memories and we look forward to next year!

        What a dump!


        Atlantic Las Brisas either needs to fix up their motel so that all the rooms look like those in the pictures on their website, or else change the website pictures to reflect what it REALLY looks like. We booked the "Crazy Manager's Special" for 4 nights based on their website's mostly false claims, and it became quite apparent we were the crazy ones for having done so. Yes, we were upgraded from a regular room with no view to one with a partial view of the ocean. The partial ocean view was nice enough if you ignored the build-up of mineral deposits that had dripped down the inside and outside of the window, and if you went out on the balcony for a clearer view, be prepared to stand because there were no chairs. The oceanfront balconies had chairs, but the side balconies did not. Apparently our room sported pictures at one time, but the only evidence of them having been there were the picture hooks left exposed on the wall. Some rooms had new air conditioners, some still had old and crusty ones (like ours). Only a couple rooms had alarm clocks, also listed on the website (not ours). The halls were dingy, the carpet on the stairs and stairways were just plain gross, and several large trash cans were left out in the hallways, presumably for the guests' convenience in emptying their own trash, because the housekeepers certainly didn't. Our trash (one medium container only) was removed one day in four thanks to Vinnie, probably the only person there who actually did any work. Vacuuming was evidently left up to the discretion of the cleaning staff, who chose not to for the whole four days. I also stared at the same smudge on the bathroom mirror for the duration of our stay. Any personal article left on the bed is an excuse to not have to make the bed, but we weren't advised of this rule until we left something on the bed, and then returned to find the bed unmade with a note on it explaining that that was why they couldn't make the bed. (We never did get a note explaining why they couldn't vacuum the floor or empty the trash.) I guess we should count ourselves lucky that we had towels for at least three days, because on the last day we were shorted almost everything, the explanation being they 'ran out.' The 'continental breakfast' listed on the website amounted to nothing more than coffee and about 2 dozen cake donuts, and when they were gone, breakfast was over. Looking for milk and juice for the kids? Look elsewhere. The pool was nice and large, patio furniture looked fairly new. However, around 4:00 they took down all the table umbrellas, even if you were sitting at the table underneath one. The laundry room through which you must pass to get to the pool appeared to be never swept or cleaned. The lounge listed on the website as another amenity is closed. But if you run out of things to do, you can always watch the manager take his little dog for a walk over to the hotel on the south side of the Las Brisas, where he lets it take a poo on their grass, sans scooper. All in all, it was a horrid, filthy motel unable to offer even the most basic services, and a complete scam if you rely on the claims they assert on their website.

        Vast difference of opinion!


        I was at the Las Brisas just two weeks ago. It has a new owner that is "on property". He has started numerous improvements which were needed. I admit, that from looking at some areas, it had become somewhat run down under the previous owner. However, I talked at length with the new owner and he showed me many things that was currently being improved. Cleaning, repairs, painting and other things were being accomplished during my visit. I was impressed by the new employees he has brought on board. In reference to the above post, prices always increase during special events such as bike week, I was there during a period that would be considered normal vacation times and the price was very much in line with other properties.

        Not so hot


        i stayed here during Canadian spring break in February 2004. it was pretty terrible. the bathrooms are in rotten shape, the towels, if we got them, weren't always clean, the toilet didn't stop running the entire time, and we found a HUGE cockroach in our room. the security guard was really nice though. the pool/ pool area was really awful too.

        the phone service was lousy and even though my room cost the same as everyone else's, i didn't have a microwave or mini fridge. there was lots of mold too.



        I stayed here during bike week 2004. My fiance and I were very disappointed about so many things with this hotel. We decided to stay and make the best of things, since we were on vacation! Anyways, the hotel was very overpriced for being such a hole in the wall. Even if our stay was during a special event, it wasn't worth giving the owner our hard earned money for a place that no money is being put into. The sheets on our beds still had stains on them, on the comfortable beds they have. The mirror in the bathroom was cracked on the sides. There was mold on the ceiling in the shower area. The towels weren't supplied to us on a daily basis. Two days in a row we had to ask for the towels ourselves from the lobby, which would've been not that bad, but to make matters worse one of the employees gave us an attitude for asking for them. The one elevator they have hasn't been inspected since 2002, so we never used it. If I had known ahead of time, I would've spent the extra $100 or $200 dollars to stay at a pleasant and more welcoming hotel. In conclusion, I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy to stay here.

        TripAdvisor Reviews Super 8 Daytona Beach Oceanfront

        3.00 of 5 stars Good

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