Reef Surf Lodge

Address: 10-12 Berry Road, Newquay, Cornwall, England, TR7 1AR, United Kingdom | Hotel
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This hotel, located on 10-12 Berry Road, Newquay, is near Fistral Beach, Newquay Zoo, Lappa Valley Steam Railway, and DairyLand Farm World.
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        Historical Traveler Reviews Reef Surf Lodge Newquay

        Like a Prison!!!!!!


        When checking in we were told we had to pay a 30 bond EACH! Were not told this prior to arriving and there were 11 of us, most of us did not have the cash available, they wouldn't let us use cards or put cards behind like most places and their stinking attitude was " if you don't like it you can find somewhere else to stay" Oh and check in is not until 5PM!!!!!!!! No earlier!! So after we had spent the whole day wandering aimlessly around a cold and wet Newquay we were finally allowed into our room, or cell it should be called There were 10 beds forced into one room and the most pathetic little telly i have ever seen, it must have been about 4 inches!!! The bathroom is the size of the shower cubicle , no bigger! Anyway, so we all get ready and go into the bar for a drink, we all sit on the Leather bench and get someone to take a pic of us, and just as we were doing that the "Manager" or some bloke who runs the place comes over to one of the girls and says something along the lines of " dont you dare rip that seat with your heels! they cost blah blah blah" he was so unfriendly!!! There is not a smoking area, and you are not even allowed to smoke outside the door atfter a certain time, you have to go over the road! what a joke!!!!

        You are not allowed any drink or food in your room!

        But the worst bit of all is when we were leaving one of the girls in our group was walking out and the girl behind the desk was stood with the bloke who is in charge and she said "bye" and my friend said "bye" and the women replied "don't come back"!!!! can you believe people like this actually run a business!! it is terrible they are just jumped up idiots taking your money and treating you like you are at boarding school. I would never stay there again and i certainly would never recommend any one else to stay there either! Keep your money and stay somewhere you are treated with hospitality not like this place where you are treated like children! Oh and Also the staff,mostly girls, just stand around trying to look pretty and staring at you all ! That's very welcoming and makes you feel so comfortable, Not!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Just give this place a wide berth, it isnt worth all that money!

        What a rip off!


        Ok, it's clean, most of the staff are pretty cool, the rooms are cramped but then that's surf lodges for you. The place is however run like a prison, the rules are ridiculous, (i feel sorry for the security guy, who it has to be said was a nice guy!), it's so sterile and uptight your almost afraid to have fun. For instance if you want to have a fag after 11pm they make you go outside and stand on the other side of the street, whether or not it's raining or freezing cold! From what i saw they will keep your bond money at the drop of a hat, one guy whilst i was there broke a very flimsy bed slat on his bunk. The bit of wood can't of cost more than 1.00 and they charged him 30!! If you're going to fill the place with stag parties then get stronger beds, not kiddies bunks. Not only that but the bed in question was a double bed which they expected him to share with another guy whilst paying the same price as everyone else. The bar whilst very nice to look at is very expensive, 3.00 a pint!!, and was just full of chav's on stag nights, and the music was just plian awfull,(think cheesy chart and dance music). I visit Newquay on a regular basis and have stayed at several lodges, some on several occassions. Some are very good, some aren't and for me Reef joins the latter group. I shall'nt stay there again, especially at their rip off prices.



        Stayed for a weekends surf and stay package, had a fantastic time, the surf coaches were cool, and the bar staff and reception girls were so helpful!

        Our room was very clean had more than enough space for our group and we thoroughly enjoyed oursleves.

        I`m booking again for this summer!!

        don`t know where the rest of you guys stayed.....

        Revel in the Reef!!!


        Dont understand the bad reviews on this place. Came over with a group of mates a few weeks ago, and we had a great time. The staff are so friendly (and fit), with one of the best bars in Newquay.

        Have stayed at many lodges over the years, and this place is in a totally different league, but prices are really reasonable. Well recommended.

        Steer clear of the pipes!!


        We stayed in this "state-of-the-art" surf lodge, that was a joke!! Apart from the plasma screen tvs everywhere, including the corridors (Why??!!), and the cd players, there was no state pf the art facilities. There were 16 of us on this trip, staying in 3 rooms. One of the rooms was the size of a small car, which managed to fit to bunk beds and a sink...oh not forgetting the plasma screen and cd player! That room had to share a bathroom with several other rooms, even though we had booked en-suite. And the rooms that were en-suite were still small with no hanging space, barely and floor space, and one of the showers "had a part missing" we were told, which meant the shower head kept on falling down! On the day we arrived we were told our rooms were not ready, even though it was after 4pm, when we finally got our rooms at about 6pm, we were told their washing machines had broke and we had no sheets on our beds, which were finally brought up after we had gone out for the night (after 9)!! Apart from that it was a welcoming service from friendly staff, and we settled in fine, making use of the bar. However, the next day, while sitting on the beach, our party organiser gets a phone call from the lodge asking for a representative from one of the rooms and the organiser to return to the lodge. We found out that one of the toilets had leaked from one of our rooms into the bar, we were then told that it had been caused by our group! You may think we could have been a rowdy bunch who had an accident, but no. Apparently we had somehow managed to climb out of the window, onto a flat roof and jump on a pipe to break it causing the leak. How we would have managed to climb out of the window is beyond me, I'm 5ft 1 and would definitley not have fitted through or have been able to get back through. The owner also told us that it could only have been us as there is no other way to get onto the roof, yet after the incident there was a "handyman" on there nearly everyday (we have photographic proof), what a joke! We were told we had all lost our deposits totalling 480, and if we didnt pay another 30 each we would have to leave!! The owner was rude and in the end we did pay up, but gave them a letter telling them we would refer this to lawyers when we returned home. We even spoke to the police, lawyers and citizens advice bureau while there. After this incident there were no other problems, however the staff became a lot ruder, and they lost our valuable business from the bar (there are plenty of places where it is cheaper to drink). As some owners of a restaurant found out what had happened, due to some of our group purchasing those personalised t-shirts, we were informed that similar incidents had happened in previous years, and that the owner is what they seemed to imply "a nasty piece of work"

        Even though we did get our second deposit back and some of our first deposit back, we have had no apology, and have attempted legal action however this was fairly unsuccessful due to the owners unwillingness to co-operate. I would say that although we still managed to enjoy our holiday, it was down to our group and newquay in general, the surf lodge is somewhere we will never go again. I would recommend finding one of the more basic surf lodges, as they give u little hassle and make u feel far more welcome.

        Avoid at all costs!!


        We arrived at the Reef Surf Lodge after a 7 hour drive from London. We were showed to our 'room' which we have since named the 'cell'...I have seen filing cabinets bigger than this. How they managed to squeeze two bunk beds in was unbelievable! There were four of us staying in this room and thank god we all knew each other... it was so small, we had to take it in shifts to just stand up!! Our shared bathroom was on the floor below our room which wasn't ideal as the other guests in the lodge were mainly 16 year old boys who spent the days 'smoking' in their rooms and playing music at full blast so we weren't very comfortable walking through the halls in our dressing gowns (as you weren't allowed to spend much time in the bathrooms as they were shared!). We ended up only staying one night and are still trying to get a refund. I think the Reef Surf Lodge is falsly advertised and if you are thinking of staying here, DONT!!! They cram you all in, charge far too much for the privalidge and dont warn you that the place will be filled with teenagers running through the halls at all hours of the morning!!

        Hell Hole


        After looking on the website and thinking how lovely the place looked we booked in for 2 nights. The reality is completly different. I shared a room with 5 other girls in a room the size of a telephone box. There was no floor space, no were to put anything and not even any hooks in the bathrooms for towels. How can they called this place an hotel is beyond me, stained matresses with massive springs coming out of them which the all hotel was complaining about. Room 12 complained to them about the state of her bed and she was told to turn it over! and when she said it was covered in stains, they said they would get her a duvet! (she was still waiting for this when we checked out)

        I have spent 6 months in Australia in hostels and none of these hostels (which were so much cheaper) would allow so many people in a room. A guy showed us his room which had 3 high bunk bed in it! That is down right dangerous.

        You serioulsly need to bin the beds, have less beds in the room, invest in some basic things not stupid plasma tv's showing the same surfing dude movie all weekend.

        On the postive side, the security guy and the bar man were both pleasent and friendly, however the women working sataurday night was far from pleasant. She was seriously lacking in basic customer service skills. Shouting and moaning because someone had had a accident with a glass smashing. You work in a bar love, these things happen every day. "ANY MORE ACCIDENTS AND I'LL STOP SERVING".



        Stayed in June for a stag do - unfortunately the organiser made a mistake and booked up this appalling excuse for accommodation as our base. I looked at their website prior to leaving and it looks flash - the website that is. With blurb like 'cutting edge accommodation in the hart (sic) of Newquay, a mouth-watering menu and entertainment for every hour' you'd be expecting somewhere with a reasonable level of comfort catering for your needs. The reality is somewhat different. I was sharing a room of 3 that consisted of a room twice as wide as a bed - a bunk bed though. If you were sleeping up top it wasn't too bad, but having to share with a rather substantial buddy was impossible. A double bed would have been fine, but this consisted of a single bunkbed with 12 inches of wood attached to make the bottom a 'double'. So I asked for a duvet so I could sleep on the floor (not bad for 30 a night I hear you cry) but I was told there were no spares. So I slept under my towel. We were fortunate that the weather was good - or so I thought. The temperature in the room was unbearable and so the windows had to be left open all night. Fine you might think, but then kiss goodbye to any sleep as traffic from the road below is deafening - worse in fact that being outside when you take into account that the sound is amplified from the houses opposite. Then there's the drunken idiots screaming throughout the night until 6am....The shared toilet providing for 3 rooms had -- on the bowl when we arrived on Friday night and the locked bog roll holder was empty on Saturday morning. When we left on Monday morning neither situation had changed. To shower you had to take advantage of the 3-second transitional period when the temperature changed from freezing to boiling and vice versa. The only good thing about the place in terms of the FUNDAMENTALS that you take for granted (sleeping, hygiene) was the particularly efficient extractor fan that sounded like someone was blowing leaves. The 'cutting edge' part presumably meant the plasma screen and cd player. Fine, but the only person who could see the screen was whoever was on the top bunk - there were no chairs to sit on because the room was so small there was no room to put them anywhere. So 1 of 3 people could take advantage of this apparently major selling point and facility. The 'entertainment for every hour' presumably refers to trying to sleep and get comfortable. I guess when you can accommodate about 80 people in a place that is basically 2 houses knocked together you shouldn't be expecting that much space. I was expecting black marks on the wall where someone had tried to swing a cat.

        The rest of the place is barely an improvement. It LOOKS flash I grant you and has all the necessaries for a 'modern' look - for example, the bar is totally sterile and the food modern in the sense that its pre-packaged rubbish chucked in an oven by the barman when he has a minute. I was looking forward to a beer in the bar when we arrived after a 7 and half hour journey, but no. Hmmm, live music. I've been to plenty of gigs in my time and love loud music as much as anyone, but the band clearly thought they were playing in Wembley arena rather than a bar that can sit about 40 people. So outside for a relaxing pint I thought and a quick --. Well the only outside space available - the terrace - has no chairs or tables on it. Strange I thought. Until the barman informed me that there is a 5 fine (taken from the 30 deposit you have leave on checking in) for taking beers outside to drink. Oh, and you can't smoke inside the bar. In fact, the 'smoking' area - the terrace - shuts at 11pm and you have to go and smoke ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD by someone's private house.

        To sum up, an appalling place. It looks good on the website granted, but when you find that one of the first mentioned selling points on the 'why you should stay here' part is the plethora of plasma screens you would assume that you'd at least have a bed and something to wipe your backside with. Oh, and the 'staff' successfully managed to foster a complete indifference to your needs and were as unaccommodating as possible. Clearly they are not looking to get repeat business and have realised themselves that no one in their right mind would ever consider going back to somewhere so awful. Don't ever go here. Never.

        Maybe they could get a few more bed in a smaller room.....


        I actually thought they were joking when they showed us the room!! It was about 10ft by 10ft with bunk beds 3 high, they also counted the double bed as 2 beds, great when you are on a stag do with 10 guys....! The shower room was about the same size as a telephone box that you had to share between 10 people! I don't know how they can say that it is luxury accomodation at all!! Apart from the room the bar was very nice and the staff were friendly!! Don't think we'll be going back!!

        Fab stay


        Just writing to say that myself and a group of friends stayed at the reef surf lodge for the new year period and we had a fab time, the bar was great, the staff were really friendly and they couldnt do enough to make our stay great!

        TripAdvisor Reviews Reef Surf Lodge Newquay

        3.50 of 5 stars Very Good

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