Pueblo Caribe Hotel

Address: Carretera Costanera, Margarita Island, Coastal Islands, 6301, Venezuela | 4 star hotel
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This 4 star hotel is located on Carretera Costanera, Margarita Island.
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        Historical Traveler Reviews Pueblo Caribe Hotel Margarita Island

        A Week Of Hell!!!


        We stayed here for a week in January. From the moment we got there it was nothing but a disaster. Cocaroaches everywhere. The chef making breakfast just whipes them off the counter and smiles at you like you didn't notice what he did. Animals run wild eveywhere and when they jump on your table and take food from your plate it's a sit to see. We had our room cleaned trice in 7 days the morning after we arrived and the day we left. We had no clean towels the entire time there because housekeeping was never around and on the day we left when they did show up they took the only 2 towels we had all week and washed the floor with them. I feel sorry for the poor sap who got those towels after us. Our room was broken into on our third day there. Our money was taken our walets my make-up our clothes, magazines and everything else you can think of. Who the hell wants someone elses underwear? Our suitcases were slashed and what little stuff we had left we had to bring home in garbage bags. The beach, WHERE IS IT! You have to cross a busy road to a public beach area where the shoreline is about 6 feet and when the tide came in your lounge chair was part of the ocean. Our tour provider was very sympathetic to our situation and did refund us back 60% of our trip because we had pictures and police reports to back up our story. I cannot belive that barcelo would put its name on a dump like this. Sorry don't have any photoes for you but the tour company had to keep them in on file. Please don't wast your time and hard earned money on this place. 17 couples left the resort within the first 24 hours of arriving. I look forward to my holidays every year and I've been to many places in the carribean but I wouldn't go back here if I got the trip for free!!!

        Look elsewhere


        just got back from a week at this place...not a nightmare, but I certainly wouldn't go back. the food was god awful and made most people on my trip sick. the bars closed at 11pm and they served cheap liquor that tasted like motor oil mixed with rubbing alcohol. the animation staff were annoying and should look into other professions. there were never towels available at the pool, leaving you to use the one from your room. the rooms in "la cascada" were really spacious and the pool on that side was much quieter. the sandwiches that were served all day were practically the only edible thing, but you get tired of teh same thing. the service staff was mostly the types that hated their jobs and it showed in their performance. almost no english was spoken by anyone at the resort, and they would still babble at you in spanish even when you said "NO ESPANOL". the animation staff also tried to arrange for us to go to bars in porlamar which was nice, except that they were making a cut from it and ripping us off in the meantime. there were ants and cockroaches in teh rooms, and an occasional mouse. the excursions were also rip-offs, but that's to be expected. the beach was tiny, almost no space in the sand, and wasn't the cleanest. that's about it. stay away.

        Pueblo Caribe at El Tirano beach - Do not waste your money


        Horrible, just horrible. The facilities are unkempt, the food is so disgusting. I am not just talking about adjusting to a Caribbean lifestyle. They repeat meals from the day before, yep using the meals from the day before. The smell is horrible. The staff at the front desk are not customer service oriented. I went to complain about the horrible facilities and was told "this is not Aruba" by one of the staff members.

        Please, we just got back. We spent most of our time outside of the resort to eat and drink. Margarita island is cheap enough for you to buy your own alcohol and food.

        This is definitely NOT the place to stay at even for the poorest individual on the planet.

        Culture of South America looks like the Caribbean.


        FEb 2005...just came back from Margarita and this is our opinion. Hotel was suprisingly good as we hadn't expected much for 2 star. We were in the new appartments in the back. We had our own palm hut with light to sit outside in the evening and it overlooked a clean pool with waterfall and jacussi. Bedrooms are basic but big with clean sheets and towels everyday. The hotel has good tropical planting and is kept well.

        The food is 2 star. There is a sandwich bar next to the pool where they make them up as you wish. A main restaurant is a bit hit and miss, sometimes very good with fresh Tuna grilled and other times minced beef for breakfast. There is an italian restaurant where again they cook it up as you wait bolognaise, pitza, carbanara etc. There is also a beach bar which does burgers and hot dogs in the day and becomes a fish restaurant in the evening.

        Most dissapointing was the cocktails which tasted like alcoholic milk shakes, the other drinks are ok though.

        Best of all was the REP Anne-Marie. She is the most attentive rep I have ever met. She came to find us most days and genuinely tried to fix things that guests wernt happy with. She gave good advice that we found helpful. We also asked the barmen at the sandwich bar for advice on where to go and eat outside of the complex and their reccommendations were excellant.

        Outside we went on a jeep safari which was great. A 12 person boat trip to neighbouring island where we snorkled and saw the most fantastic coral and fish. The skipper snorkled for oysters and served them up with lime. We swam with dolphins and eat lobster in a beach restaurant. These expieriences I will never forget and would never have missed.

        Unfortunatly we had some money stollen on the last day after we had handed our safe key in and diddnt realise until we got to the airport so do watch your bags carefully!!!

        Personally I didnt find the shopping good...designer shops and a flee market with goods of poor quality..tell your friends that there is nothing there so you arnt spending your whole holiday serching for presents. Boys will come up to you on the beach with trinkets. I settled for those and had a great time.

        Overall I would say that this is a carabbean island to look at with the culture of a south American country. Expect nothing and everthing will be an adventure.

        The good the bad and the ugly


        well the good.... the trips were great we did the artisan tour, the swimming with dolphins, the landcruiser tour and the 2 days in the delta/camaima. the rep anna maria was excellent saw everyone everyday and made a point of doing her utmost

        the bad... 14 days with no hot water even tho complained and asked every day we were just ignored or shrugged at, the shanty town outside was not mentioned at all in any publication i knew the island was poor but y build a hotel in the middle of the worst bit? the beach althouth clean enough was small and lacking in entertainment. the resort had no entertainment day or night. the food was plain awfull (see the ugly bit) even the rep was ignored by staff

        the ugly.... at one point we had no food for 4 days even the kiddies in the parties as it was either all gone in 1/2 hour of serving or they refused to serve the english..... thats right we were all subject to racism by the staff if u wernt columbian or spanish then u didnt or struggled to get served food and at the bar. several people had money and medication stolen from the rooms. fortunatly we were sensible and had a safe and all i lost was a few hats.

        Can't wait to go back


        Just arrived home from Margarita island. We stayed at the hotel pueblo caribe. We have had holidays all over including Barbados and had some great experiences but nothing even close to Margarita. Our hotel was 2+ rating so was quite basic but all you need. It was clean and the food was ok. The staff and people were the friendliest you could wish for. We travelled with first choice and they made every effort to make our holiday a time to remember. I can't wait to go back. If you want any more information on the hotel or the Island feel free to email me at paulandlinz@hotmail.com and i'll do my best to help or send you a photo.

        Not worth the flight


        We thought what abargain this holiday is. Then we got there it is in the middle of no where the only thing locally is the shanty town next door. The food is not too clever up to 19 people we spoke to from all over europe were sick this is not normal some times we were scared to leave the pool as you always have to run to the loo it ruined our trip and we were both ill on our return. The sea at the hotel beach is rough with undercurrents the life gaurds saved 4 people in 2 weeks thats just the ones we saw the beach at the hotel is not private so expect wild dogs joining in your game of frisbee and watch them poo on the beach. If you want good food clean beaches and not be isolated in no mans land dont come here. A bloody nightmare

        My opinion on the hotel and resort


        I have travelled to many places and countries and have stopped in 2 star up to 5 star hotels so I don't have a set expectation of the accomodation, what I believe is that you normally get what you pay for!. As the previous feedback says there certainly is rubbish on the sides of the road and yes the towns are shanty however you do not visit a different country to see the same things you see at home do you?. You should be aware that this as many other countries in South America are, this is a poor country so things aren't always as asthetically pleasing as some people would like!. I too had a room on the newer side of the complex with a view of the pool, my room was always clean and the staff were always friendly. I stopped up every evening and watched the entertainment provided for us by the animation team, there was a different show every night and wasn't too bad after that the beach bar opened up at 11pm and you could go and dance and drink the night away or go with the entertainment team on arranged excursions to etheir Senior Frogs or Kamy Beach Club, both of them worth going out to for a night out. The only negative point of the holiday for me was the food it wasnt great and Id definatley recommend that you take some pepto Bismol as I spent a night on the loo nursing my stomach!. For a 2* hotel it was ok and what made the holiday for me was the different people you get to meet and doing the different trips that you can go out. Its a beautiful country when you get out of the resort and travel about and definatley worth the long flight!!. Any questions you may have Im more than happy to answer.

        First impressions of Margarita Island...


        We have to say, that had this been our first visit to the Caribbean, we would have been disappointed! From the minute we left the airport (which was total chaos trying to get the visas sorted), to the minute we arrived at our hotel, we couldn't believe the amount of rubbish everywhere! It was not just dotted here and there, it literally lined every road and street. Having said that, once inside the hotel complex it was immaculate! At the hotel, you are greeted by the animation team, dancing and clapping in time to the music and handed a cocktail. Great you think, there's some daytime activities at least! Think again, that's the only time you see them during the day! (More details or should I say lack of them follow later). Anyway, the rooms were cleaned every day and beds made decoratively and sometimes the towels were made into swans. The hotel as you can see is on 6 floors in the main building and there is a new 2 storey complex (not shown on the photo) behind the same, which I must say was much better! Our room overlooked a new pool which was lovely and quiet and had a snack bar serving toasties, sandwiches and drinks all day. We had a toastie most mornings for breakfast, as the food in the main restaurant wasn't up to much. The food on the whole, in our opinion was poor, having said that we are normally used to 4 star plus hotels (this is rated 2 star), so to be fair, we didn't expect the same variety or quality. There is a main pool snack bar which did burgers, pizza, lasagne, hot dogs and a variety of make your own pasta dishes, which was quite good if you got there when they were hot! (I.E., first brought out!). This pool area was supposed to be where the action was! Ok, it had a volleyball net but there was no organised activities at all during the day. Being volleyball players we got quite excited at seeing a volleyball court on the beach.....just one problem....no net!!

        There was supposed to be a seafood restaurant on the beach, it was advertised that $5 would be payable. No problem, at last we can get some decent seafood at least.....it wasn't yet open. You could however, get a burger and some drinks. To the left of the hotel on the beach, a short walk takes you to a fishing village that our rep said was great to have a look at if you're up early....don't bother... it's smelly and you have to walk past hundreds of "buzzard" type looking birds that look at you as if you're their next meal!

        Anyway, back to the hotel. You get the idea that maybe the night-time entertainment will make up for the lack of daytime activities? Again, regretfully no! They had a "tribal" kind of ceremony, whereby the main character just grunted at the audience, for them to repeat the grunt louder back to him (not very entertaining really, unless you're a 4 year old), with fire eating and fire dancing around the place, that was better at least. The next night nothing, nor the next night.... a "stars" night - surely this will be a laugh.....an awful mimmicking Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Cher and a Venezuelan singing drag queen with an inflatable, ballooned backside - quite amusing).....we didn't bother after that, preferring to play cards, having a few drinks and chatting to some lovely people that we met back at our own poolside area.

        With all that said and done, we did however, have a lovely relaxing time. Angel and Canaima Falls trip by 12 seater plane, was worth every penny (£110). Angel Falls was one of the most spectacular sights we have witnessed, especially when our pilots did a third fly by, this time sweeping around, over and down the falls....quite exhilarating! The Canaima Falls was awesome. The minerals in the rocks make the water red - bright red!! Our guide showed us that it was indeed drinkable, being adventurous I thought I'd have a go.... my husband appealed for me not to! Anyway, you go past the first few by boat then climb through the rain forest (yes it rained!!). Our guide was really informative the whole of the time and after encountering a few extremely large grasshoppers that scared you to death, we finally reached the main fall. This is the one that you can walk behind. It's 300m wide and you just get drenched - brilliant experience though! We stopped in the middle where it was a bit calmer and the wall of water just looked like fire - it was beautiful. Thankfully, we had two young boys helping us through the same, as in parts, the passage through is very rocky and it can be quite difficult to see with all the spray. If you wear lenses like my husband and I do, the water almost makes them turn inside out so that you can't see a thing, so the helping hands were very welcomed. We made sure they were tipped and they were very grateful. Only one woman didn't want to go through as she felt it was just too much - it was a shame because she really did miss a great experience. You felt like you'd accomplished something by the time you came back through it again. You then travel back through the rain forest to the waiting boats, which take you back to the main camp where you can get changed and then they lay on a meal for you - chicken, potatoes, coleslaw and a can of coke - not bad really! After that, you're taken to the souvenir shop, then it's the flight back home.

        We did go into Porlamar shopping (taxi took appx 20 mins and only 10000 Bolivar's - £4), we were amazed at how cheap some of the designer shops were. Needless to say we did our bit for their economy and bought some bargains!! Had a real laugh with a few of the people there and one guy in particular took a shine to my husbands' Oakley sunglasses. He was a real character and every time we bumped into him, it was "Hi Mr Oakleys". There are people also trying to exchange your money (which you're advised not to do!).

        So, all in all it was a good holiday. For £300 each all inclusive you can't possibly grumble!! However, we wouldn't go back there, we're ones for seeing as many different places as possible. I'm glad we're going to Cuba in July and Jamaica next May. Hopefully, we'll get some good volleyball there!

        Hope we've not bored you, maybe this will be useful.

        TripAdvisor Reviews Pueblo Caribe Hotel Margarita Island

        3.00 of 5 stars Good

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