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I am going to be traveling to Venezuela in April and was going to rent a car and hit up several beaches along the coastline. I was wondering if anyone has been to beaches there that could give me advice as to which ones I should visit and which ones I should skip. I already know about the well known ones such as Playa Medina, Margarita Island, Los Roques. But any info on Venezuelan beaches would be helpful. (I've read good things about Puerto Colombia, is that a place I should visit, or skip?) Thanks.
All I can say is - skip Caracas!
Already planned to do that. I'm flying into Caracas and going straight to the beach. Just don't know which ones. Thanks for the tip though.
I have heard the Puerto de la Cruz, though perhaps not the best beach, is one of the most popular and lively for Venezuelans.
I've heard some good and bad things about Puerto La Cruz, but I'm looking for more off the beaten path, secluded beach kind of thing. I already plan on visiting Los Roques, Margarita, Playa Medina and other beaches on the Paria Peninsula, Santa Fe: a beach in between Cumaná and Puerto La Cruz, and Puerto Colombia: northwest of Caracas. I don't even know a bunch about these though, if anyone has been to these places I would love to hear about your experience.
Try contacting Lost World Adventures. Although their business is travel, the owner, Andrew Gilchrist lived in Venezuela many years before landing up in Atlanta. Here is their information page on Venezuela.

There can be no harm in contacting him. Good luck!
if your looking for beaches you cant go wrong with oriente (puerto la cruz, cumana area)
Mochima is a national park and by far some of the best beaches in the country! if you hit them up on a week day (avoid sunday) they are very quiet. mind you even on sundays its all locals... very rarely touristy. Santa fe is nice... alittle dirty, playa colorado is near there maybe 10 minutes, and is also really nice.

Basically mochima is a bunch of little islands and for about 70Bf (20 dollars) you can hire a man to take you in a little boat out to the island of your choice. you can also pay to camp at these beaches over night. mochima is located about 15 minutes outside of cumana about half hour from puerto la cruz. almost all the islands have resturaunts and bars on them where u can get fresh fish, or chicken for lunch, as well as some cold Soleras:P

avoid margarita if your not looking for a really touisty experience as margarita is all geared towards that. Lots of people speak english but lots of people will also try to rip you off! its got some gorgeous beaches. Playa el agua is simply spectacular however be prepared to be swarmed by beach sellers.

Let me know if u have any other questions about this topic
Hi Gringa18,

That was pretty good advice. You seem to know a lot about that area. How's your general knowledge on Venezuela?
Id say my knowledge is pretty extensive I suppose:) About that of a local maybe!

Any specific questions you have or any thing else feel free to let me know ill try my best to get an answer for you!
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