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We are considering a holiday in Taiwan, and are seeking input from travelers and/or residents who might offer objective input on the wisdom of selecting Taiwan as our destination.

We enjoy dining, performing arts, shopping, general sightseeing, and meeting people from all over the world.

Your willingness to share experiences will be greatly appreciated.
A friend of mine lives in Taiwan. If I catch her online I'll ask her any questions you may have.
The seafood in Taiwan is some of the best I have ever tasted! Displayed live on a bed of ice outside the restaurants and on your plate within minutes! Amazing and very cheap.

You should try to learn some Mandarin as English isn't widely spoken outside of Taipei.
Live? as in...wriggling? What type of fish?

Definitely go to the Modern Toilet restaurant:
yeah as in still moving, although not for long once they hit the wok smile.gif
What did you eat? What did they have there to pick from?

Were they flopping around? I think a video is in order...
Sorry no vid! I have no idea what I ate, I left my mates brother to do all the ordering!!!!
starlagurl're trusting...I do the same thing too when I go out for sushi. Or else I just pick something randomly.
if you want to eat something special or delicious,
i think that Taiwan's night-market is your best choice.
you can eat most of the Taiwan's delicious food there.
And don't forget to try o-a-zen(a kind of oyster dish), and stinky tofu.
Hi there! Sorry for not replying to this post earlier. I was on vacation in South Africa during the month of October and got back to Taiwan midway through last week.

Anyway...I have been in Taiwan about 2.5 years total so far and will be here for another year.

I absolutely love it here. Seriously. It's such an amazing little country (I don't care what China says...I think Taiwan is a country). There is so much to see and do here and they are so technologically advanced and have great infrastructure in their cities...especially Taipei and Kaohsiung.

The people here are super friendly. Never have I ever feared for my safety while in Taiwan. It's the only place I have ever hitchhiked! They love foreigners and life is just fantastic.

Taiwan has things that appeal to many different people. Big cities with night clubs and shopping. Hot spring resorts in the fall and winter. Ocean and mountains right next to each other. Tea shops galore...night markets with tons of cheap and delicious food! Kenting is the place people go to to get some more tropical's quite south and is a bit warmer than the rest of the country.

Trains, subways/metro, buses and taxis a plenty...there aren't many places you CAN'T access in Taiwan. Lots of offshore islands like Green Island (super famous for its natural ocean hotspring), Orchid Island and Penghu.

Right now there is the Flower Expo. Just started this past weekend and will be running for a few months. Can't wait to go see it in the super Eco-friendly and award-winning building it's taking place.

Anyway...if you want to come check out Taiwan...feel free to hit me up! My Chinese is quite decent and I would love to play tour guide!

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