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Full Version: Entering Brazil from Bolivia and DESPARATE to get to Manaus
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Hello All

Thanks for all the input on my previous post. Our plan changed slightly and we are once again in some need of adivice.
We are going in dec to S America. Peru first and then Bolivia, from where we wish to travel into Brazil. we looked at various options-death train, flights into Sao Paulo etc. We want to ideally, travel from Bolivia (either La Paz or Santa Cruz) to Manaus, spend Xmas in the Amasone, then onto Iguazo for 3 days by air from Manuas and then to Rio for new years. Problem is the expensive flights between Bolivia-manaus-falls!!Any ideas or tips or input would be greatly appreciated!!!
These people went from Bolivia to Brazil but it's in French so I can't really read it:

These people really roughed it on buses and motorcycles and such, but it looks like it took them quite a while:

It's hard to find blogs on people going from Bolivia to Brazil, most people go from the east coast in...
Well my friends, I hope you have very deep pockets because you can do all that, but it must be by air, and it will cost a pretty penny. You will have to get a one-way flight from Bolivia to Brazil, probably Sao Paulo, then domestic flights from there. My calculation just for the Brazilian portion is around US$ 1,150.00 each. With the international flight included it will come out to more than US$ 1,500.00 each. Here is a good site to calculate fares in Latin America:

See what the fare would be if you combine it into your ticket from South Africa.

Keep in mind my earlier suggestion of visiting the Amazon in Bolivia. Thought distances are immense in Brazil, the bus system is superb. Internal airfares are very high.

HI! It would be good if you can contact they have information about Manaus,tours and etc...

Have fun!

Hi Steafan,

Thanks for the tip. Their big problem is how to get to Manaus from Bolivia, and then on to Rio and Foz without breaking the bank. If you can help them with that, I'm sure they would be most appreciative.

From Bolivia you can reach porto velho and from over there,you can take a boat to Manaus 4 days by boat.

You can writte an
Sounds good, I hope that helps. It doesn't seem like this person has time for a four day boat trip, although that would be awesome.
You might want to ask Stefan to be our Brazilian Amazon expert.
Yeah seriously, Stefan, are you interested in becoming a Local Expert like Martin?
Hey guys!!!Thank you so much for all the input, advice and flight prices. Do appreciate it!
Checked flights out myself, and yep, quite expensive indeed. You are right too that we dont have enough time -it would have been GREAT!!!!to go and reach Manaus on our time, but unfortunatly we only have 2 weeks for Brazil (we are in Peru and Bolivia 4 weeks before Brazil!). A new idea I am playing with is Bolivia-Pantanal-Foz-Rio. This might be more practical and economical for the "budget" trip!
Now you are talking. Other than the name, the Amazon is often a great disappointment as far as wildlife is concerned. It's all there, but the thick jungle doesn't allow much observation.

On the other hand, the Pantanal is more open and you would be unlucky not to have great wildlife viewing. Here's a good overview of the Pantanal:

It is important to consider that the Pantanal has two seasons: a wet season from roughly October to March, and a dry season from April to September. About 80 percent of the rain falls during the wet season. The wet season is the best time to view wildlife as it is highly concentrated on the few dry spots left in the wetlands.

Although distances are immense in Brazil, it will be possible to travel from the Pantanal to Foz do Iguaçu, and then on to Rio very economically by bus.

Keep in touch to let us know how things are proceeding.

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