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Full Version: Independence Day alternatives
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If you're bored with the usual fireworks every Independence Day, The blog Intelligent Travel has some interesting things to do this year.

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You can check out the Colorado Mining Championships, watch a rubber duck race in Oregon, compete for Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach in Venice Beach and check out people who dress up their pets in Baltimore.

What are you doing this year?

Visited by sister-in-law in Tampa, Florida. Wish I had gone to the rubber duck race!
Ha, yeah, I've been to one before, it's not as exciting as it sounds...

I went to my friend's cottage for Canada Day though, sooooo relaxing. And soooo Canadian.
I'm surprised that it only became Canada Day in 1982. It's also so close to US Independence Day. I guess if you live close to the border you can celebrate them both.
Yeah actually, when I lived in Fort Erie near Buffalo, we had this festival called the "Friendship Festival" that went from July 1-July 4, with concerts and stuff... it usually was pretty friendly, but every so often there was some anti-American/Canadian violence, but not usually on site...usually on the beach, where there are lots of drunk people.
Beaches in Buffalo? I've never heard of that.

In the punch-up, who usually won, the Canuks or the Yanks? I guess judging by the name it was just a "friendly" punch-up. I wonder if they used to throw people off Niagara Falls.
Yeah, Crystal Beach or Sherkston Shores...all the cottages around Lake Erie.

I can't recall there ever really being a "winner" you know...people just get bloody and screwed up, then their friends/bouncers pull them away and it's over.
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