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Undercover Miami Beach detectives stopped an alleged rolling brothel, which charged $40 for admission and offered sex for sale inside. Posted on Thu, Jun. 26, 2008 in the Miami Herald

Driver Clyde Scott, Madam Christine Morteh and five ladies of the night tooled through South Beach in a massive limo bus last weekend in what police are calling a brothel-on-wheels.

Their enterprise came to a screeching halt at 3:15 Sunday morning, when they picked up the wrong fare -- three undercover Miami Beach cops -- within walking distance of the police station.

''It was very brazen,'' said Detective Juan Sanchez, a Miami Beach police spokesman. ``They were offering everything from lap dances to sex.''

Now, the six face charges that range from violating the public dance hall ordinance (the women were technically ''dancing'') to possession of a controlled substance (Scott had six tablets of Viagra on him at the time of his arrest).

And, of course, multiple counts of prostitution.

The bus -- a sleek, black conversion vehicle -- is no longer in service. Police have seized it as evidence.

The officers' interest was piqued when the ladies hopped out and offered an all-you-can-drink ride for $40.

They quickly learned that Morteh was pimping out the women on board. It is not believed that any johns were on the bus when detectives were invited aboard.

The accused took their clothes off, performed lap dances, and for $125, beckoned their clients to the VIP room -- a curtained-off area in the bus -- according to the report and a detective's testimony in court.

''You'll get your money worth,'' Redding said, according to the police.

Then there was the money -- more than $2,000 in the cash drawer alone.

''It was spread out all over the place,'' a detective, whose name is being withheld, said in bond court. ``It was on their G-strings. In 19 years, I've never seen this.''

The six arrested in the bus sting have since posted bail.

Has anyone heard of anything like this before?
Wow, that's amazing...

I haven't heard of a brothel bus, but I have heard of an abortion boat.

I think it's in Ireland where abortions may be illegal? Not sure. But you get on the boat and then they take you out to international waters, do the abortion and you come back. Apparently totally legal.
Well this is very curious indeed. It almost sounds like the touring bus of a rock band...

abortion boat??? brothel bus???? this is madness frantics.gif
Total madness, what is the world coming too!
I don't think it's madness at just shows how much demand there is for services that are unjustly criminalized...
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