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Full Version: USA Hostels vs HI Hostels in SF
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Hey you guys! I'm so glad that I found this site! Lots of wonderful info here.

Anyway, I'll be traveling to San francisco for a 5day trip by myself (I'm a female if that means anything). I'm debating between these two hostels. As of now, HI is cheaper ($28-29/night; ensuite), as the prices for USA hostels has gone up over the last few days( 37-38 for ensuite). I was originally planning to book with USA but this price jump makes me hesitate a bit. Alternatively, I could book at USA for a regular dorm without ensuite for $33-34/night ( I wouldn't mind this as long as the communals are kept clean).

Does anyone have any experiences with both? And if not, can you share your experience with the one that you stayed at and if you think it was an interactive environment conducive to meeting other people (which I think is important as a solo traveler)? I just want to be in a clean, safe place, that offers activities that I could participate in if I desired.



I'm sorry I can't help you with the hostels--I've never stayed at one. But I hope you enjoy SF! I'm sure you will...there's a lot to see and do there.

Have a great trip!
The USA gets a high rating on Hostelworld but the other HI Hostels are also ranked quite well. If you check sites such as, you can read other peoples reviews of the hostels. Just remember that everybody has certain expectations so their reviews will reflect this. However, you can also get much useful information.

Enjoy your time in SF!
Thanks you guys! I booked with USA hostels since they have the best reviews and seem to have a lot of activities. Hopefully, i'll have an enjoyable experience:)
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