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Can anyone recommend things to do for a couple of days in Chicago this summer? We're driving down from Ottawa, going to do a day in Cleveland to see the Rock n' Roll museum and then go over to the windy city to see the King Tut exhibit. After that we'd like to spend a day or two kicking around before driving back. What's good to see in Chicago? What's overrated? Great restaurants? Can anyone recommend a great bar for indie music? My favorite bar in Ottawa is Zaphod Beelblerox. I saw Athlete and The Stereophonics there last year.


Hi Jamie,

I spent 5 days in Chicago over the Christmas period. Due to the time of year it was cold, empty and mainly shut, but I still had fun!

If you are not All Museumed Out after getting a load of ol' Tutties then check out the Art Institute for an afternoon: superb collections of art from all around the globe. A walk up Michigan Avenue is also enjoyable for gandering at shops and architecture.

The Chicago YHA offers excellent free walking tours of the city performed by local volunteers. I think they're exclusively for people staying there though. If you're not planning on YHA-ing it, no harm in popping in to have a look to see when the next one is - the signup sheet is on the tour desk upstairs opposite main reception - you might even be able to blag a place on it wink.gif

I'm an indie kid through and through but 'fraid I can't help you on the gig/bar side - can any locals help out?

I caught one of my friends on MSN and asked your question. She is a long-time Chicago native with the inside scoop.

She said:
i have one very important must go to Second City...its a comedy show and it's fantastic

not sure about indie music...but the rush street area is awesome....there are a lot of blues clubs on clark street

i love the buckingham fountain and the sears tower is certainly a costs a bit to go up to the top but it's supposed to be well worth it

Hope this helps some!
Second City sounds like a great way to end the night after Tut.


What about the mob past of Chicago? Anything worth doing/seeing about that? It'd be like going to San Fran and not visiting Alcatraz.

That and I guess I gotta have some pizza eh?

Hi guys! How about trying an UrbanQuest around Chicago? Think you know your way around Chicago? Then try a Quest and solve a series of clues that will lead you to your mystery restaurant. It's actually great for family outings, dates, or even work events. You can do your Quest for fun and learn about the city along the way.

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