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Full Version: 5 Weird and wacky shows in Las Vegas
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starlagurl has a list of some not so famous shows in Las Vegas.

We all know the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil is "so over"... so pop by some of these other interesting ones:

* There's O at The Bellagio, featuring a 1.5 million-gallon pool as the performers' centerpiece.
* Zumanity makes its home at New York, New York, featuring a more adult take on the acrobatics Cirque is known for.
* KA makes its home at the MGM Grand with a 360-degree rotating stage
* The Mirage's Love pays tribute to the music of The Beatles.
* But the one that started it all was Mystere at Treasure Island.

Link to the article:
Can you clarify? What do you mean by "so over"?

Maybe I'm having a blonde moment...but all those shows ARE Cirque du Soleil shows.

"O" is a fantastic show (the best Cirque show I've seen). Zumanity is quite good also, definitely a little risque' and sensual.
Oh really! I guess I read the article wrong, hahaha

Yeah I did... it's just a PR thing from Cirque...blah...

Cirque du Soleil is "so over" for me, so I just assumed they were writing the thing I was thinking in my head.
Well, that's ok, it happens to the best of us. smile.gif

I've probably seen all the Cirque I need to at this point. But I would still highly recommend "O." It really is a great show.
Yah, I was just pondering how much bias we put into the things we read... you know, no matter how much bias there is in the news media, you still put your own biases in when you're reading it.
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