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Full Version: Top five things to do in Prague
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The Venere travel blog has a list of the top five things to do if you happen to find yourself in Prague.

I never have, but it looks great:
Oh god...
In the article, his #5 is the Local Pub. But he didn't mention that part of it should be DRINKING the Czech beer (and other Czech specialities).

Pilsner was invented in Czech and their beers are great. (Budweiser is a descendent of Budvar, the original pilsner). There are quite a few local Czech beers to choose from. Our favorite is Pilsner Urquell. That's what we buy here to drink at home. smile.gif

Another Czech find is Becherovka, a pretty potent liqueur made from 34 herbs (or something like that). It's good stuff too though.

I also tried "grog" from a street vendor. It was disgusting and I threw it out.

I didn't try it, but you can buy absinthe in Czech.

Ah, it always comes to drinking. That makes the top 5 anywhere it seems!
QUOTE(kitkatgo @ May 30 2008, 12:18 PM) *

I didn't try it, but you can buy absinthe in Czech.

Yes, you can. But you can buy Stroh, too. It's Austrian rum (Czechs don't make absinthe, so I can speak about Austrian drink smile.gif ). There is 80 % of alcohol.
Hmm, well I been over the bridge, just not at dawn, I did it at nighttime though and it was still pretty cool, and drunk the wine! I also invested in a gorgeous leather handbag, which is still in perfect condition and rode the tram like a local! And went to a classical music concert, I felt very "artsy"!!!!!!
I prefered Budvar to the other beers, probably the most widespread beer in Prague. It was the main beer on tap in every pub and dirt cheap.

I went in February and froze my arse off! Going anywhere was a chore so I spent a lot of time in restaurants and pubs smile.gif Their local food was perfect for the time of year! There were also very few tourists so it was perfect, would be hell in summer.
QUOTE(findingnine @ May 30 2008, 05:20 PM) *

Ah, it always comes to drinking. That makes the top 5 anywhere it seems!

"Course it does! Prague seems like a great place to go and sample a few brews and take a look-see around.
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QUOTE(insureplc @ Oct 7 2009, 10:11 AM) *

Wenceslas and Old Town Squares are both worth visiting!! Especially at Christmas time!!

PS - Word of warming...wrap up warm!!!!

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