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Me and my GF are currently planning for a road trip thorugh the western parts of the states during September this year. CA will most probably be the state where we will spend most time in during our 34 days stay in the states.

So far we have spent alot of time checking the web and broschures for some sweet spots in CA and have found lots of stuff to do, like; Magic mountain, baseball (or football), San diego zoo/sea world, yosemite, highway 1 (ofc), SF, Death valley, mono lake, june lake loop, ghosttowns (like bodie), muir redwoods, salton sea... etc etc....

Now when we feel that we have found some sweetspots, we would like to have some advice from locals in CA...Do you have any sweetspot thatīs not mentioned in travelguides? It could be basically everything from the mystery hill in la jolla to an alien crashlandning, or any advice on a scenic road etc etc....
take a look at to get an idea what we might be looking for, even though every advice is most welcome. Our travelplan is quite open and its final layout will be decided on a day-to-day basis when we arrive in the US...
There is so much to see in California. I like Santa Barbara. You can stay cheaper in the neighboring town of Carpinteria...and it has a nice beach of its own.

Don't forget Napa/Sonoma near San Francisco.

If you like history, you can visit some of the California Missions along the way. These are some of the oldest buildings in the state:

Don't forget to read my California Starter Kit!
There's a lot of places to visit in CA. To enjoy a road trip in CA, you need a car. Visit Limo Services in Los Angeles.
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