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I have done alot of research in teaching overseas for over a year now - now I am considering Thailand as an option. My background is - B. S. in Elementary Education, Teaching License in my home state (I live in the USA), Associate Degree in Business, some graduate courses in Education. Also have worked as a Substitute Teacher, Educational Assistant, Tutor - for over 10 years. I am female and over age 50 (but look younger - at least that is what people tell me.) I am looking at this as a career - long term - not a quick backpacker type of job. I am familiar with Ajarn, Daves Esl, Travelblog and some other sites - including this one. I would like to know what kind of salary I should expect or accept as a minimum and perks (free housing or airfare). Also paid vacation time? Or Unpaid vacation time? I do want to travel while overseas as well. So I am eager to hear responses from others who have done this. Thank you.
Hi Sandy, I don't know anybody teaching in Thailand, right now, but I have had a couple of friends do it.

One has been teaching in South Korea for a long time and loves it. He has raised a young daughter there on his salary and his company has even provided him with a car. Quite the luxury there. Every once in a while, he gives me the pitch and tells me I should head over there too. Haha.

Two of my friends taught in South Korea and I knew a lady who did it in Thailand without any longterm plans, and made quite a bit of money.

The lady who went to Thailand had a great experience, and she also made quite a bit of money. I don't know about the details, and I have lost contact with her since, so I can't ask her and get help for you with things like vacation time and perks in Thailand. Maybe Paul knows...he's our resident Thailand expert and he'll probably comment soon.

I can ask, and get some information on teaching in South Korea, if you're interested, but it seems like you're not.

Teaching here can be very rewarding. People often say they find the kids here so much more polite and easy to work with. The salaries too, although low compared to your home, are really high when compared to the average Thai salary and the cost of living (if you live reasonably and not as a super star). Further more the life, food, weather, culture etc here are great and this is a great location to explore the region.

Down sides - it is hot, the school administration are sometimes / often idiots, you may get much more limited holidays than teachers at home and there is a new culture, food, language etc to deal with.

It really depends on you. But I think for many the advantages can really outweigh the disadvantages.

The sites you mention should give you a great "heads up" on jobs available, salaries, etc.

Maybe start looking at the classified sections online at The Bangkok Post and The Nation also.

As a young person without too much experience - you should be looking at 30000 Baht per month and up. (for a typical expat type teaching job. If you want to teach and help in a more local school and forgo the expat lifestyle, you may be paid 5000 - 10000 Baht).
Or you could expect 200 - 300 Baht per hour, doing private lessons.

As you are older with more experience, you could probably go for jobs that would pay 50000 - 60000 Baht per month.

Send me your email and I will put you in contact with another older USA couple that I know here that are teaching.

See ya

Thanks for the information Paul. I tried to pm you and give you my email - but it won't work.

Thank you.
Hi Sandy, sorry about that, the private message system should be working now, we recently had to change some settings. Please try it again.
Welcome to Thailand once you come here I will be your 1st student. OK?
QUOTE(starlagurl @ May 26 2008, 12:48 PM) *

Hi Sandy, sorry about that, the private message system should be working now, we recently had to change some settings. Please try it again.

Thanks Starla - I finally got it to work and Paul will hopefully Pm me soon.
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