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Me and my GF are currently planning a Road trip in the western parts of the states during september and will spend about 1 week in AZ. We will cross the border from CA on either route 78 or route 8 (we will probably decide when its time to leave San Diego early september) and now we are looking for stuff to do/see in AZ.

Since were not americans we are interested in the american culture and way of life.
We are specially interested in experiencing the "cowboy culture" as we in Sweden call it. By that I mean the country music, maybe try out some line-dancing at a real country-pub/restaurang (Please dont say we have to go to Texas for this!!!)...

Nature is always an appreciated sight since where we live we only have small hills and large fields of rapes...

Things/places we have planned (or rather pinpointed on our maps. We wont decide on what o actually do when we get there) is Grand canyon (ofc), Sedona, barringer Crater, Phoenix, Lake havasu, Dinosaur tracks at tuba city, havasupai tribe...

I have bookmarked alrdy and will check it out as soon as I got time for it. Those places is exactly what we are aiming for....

So, basically we are looking for the tourist attractions that only locals can tell about smile.gif....

Every tip is appreciated on places, restaurangs, pubs, lakes, alien crashlandings, Websites, tours etc etc...

thx in advance
I got the real cowboy experience in Denver. I went line dancing last year, it was pretty fun.

Here's my blog post about it:
Spend a few days on a dude ranch.
QUOTE(laorfamily @ Apr 29 2010, 02:52 PM) *

Spend a few days on a dude ranch.

I checked this out and it really sounds like an adventure of a lifetime! smile.gif
too bad most of them seem to be closed during September, and the ones that are open are a bit away from our planned route. Nevertheless I have pinpointed the places on googlemaps so we might change our route just for this.

Sounds really awesome!
Going to a dude ranch is on our must do list, once our kids get a bit older.

If you want to get a wild west taste, that's certainly a good way in my opinion.

If you want some more adventures try a cattle drive
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