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How is the public transport in Jakarta?

Is it at same level at Kuala Lumpur or Singapore????

can any one forward me any video links or blog links?

Thanks in advance
Public transport in Jakarta is not similar to KL or Singapore. There is a train network that will take you to and from other towns but is not useful in the city. There are mini vans called Mikrolets which run the main roads and cost about 2000IDR (about 20centsUS). Takis are very cheap, the best taxis to use are blue bird (they don't smell too bad and all have working meters). Taxi fares vary depending on traffic, sometimes a 10klm trip can cost you $3 sometimes $7. An hour in a taxi costs about $7. Don't be fooled, traffic in Jakarta is terrible, my tips are this : On a weekday try and do all travelling between 10am-4.30pm on weekends try and get to your destination before 10am, this is simply to save you time sitting in taxis not money!!! Taxi fares from the airport to the City are about $15. My husband is a big fan of O-Jeks, this is a motorbike taxi, so if you have the courage and the insurance this is the cheapest form of transport, make sure you agree on a fare with the driver before getting on the back, you can haggle your way if you know what your doing. I hope this is helpful and still useful, if not to you perhaps to other travellers planning on visiting Jakarta.

I frequent Jakarta for business trips, staying in the city at Fraser Suites Sudirman's serviced residences. As mentioned before, the roads are super congested during peak hours (as with any big city all over the world). There is a new monorail system (Jakarta Monorail) in use to the more colorful and touristy parts of town, better for sightseeing. Otherwise, stick to the taxis and minibuses. If you're heading to the airport, best to stick to the shuttle services your hotel provides.
Transport in Jakarta is so different from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It has all the means of transport land, boat, air.
There are lot of buses running across the city of Jakarta. The fare varying from 7000rp to 45000rp according to the distance traveled. Other means are ojek (motorcycle taxis), Mikrolet (vans/mini buses), bajaj (auto taxis).

Jakarta’s four main train stations are quite central, making trains the easiest way out of the city. The most convenient and important is Gambir station, on the eastern side of Merdeka Sq, a 15-minute walk from Jl Jaksa. Some Gambir trains also stop at Kota, the train station in the old city area in the north. The Pasar Senen train station is to the east and mostly has economy-class trains. Tanah Abang train station has economy trains to the west.

International and domestic flights operate from the modern, efficient Soekarno-Hatta international airport.
Adam Air
Batavia Air
Lion Air
are some of the airlines.
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