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California is located on the west coast of the United States of America. Most people think of swaying palm trees, pristine beaches, and girls in bikinis and surfers when they think of Cali. While this may represent a portion of California, it really is only a small part of it. California has mountains for skiing, snowboarding or hiking, the majestic redwoods, deserts, fertile agricultural areas, several wine producing appellations, big cities, and small towns. There is most definitely something for everyone!

Population: Over 36,000,000 people. According to Wikipedia, if it were its own country, it would be the 34th most populous country and the 6th largest economy in the world.

State Capitol: Sacramento, California, currently run by the Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Language: English, although you will find a lot of Spanish spoken here.

Currency: $ The US Dollar

Elevation: The highest point is Mount Whitney at 14,505 ft (4,421 m). The lowest point is Death Valley at -282 ft (-86 m). (Death Valley is also the hottest point in North America).

Climate: The California climate ranges from Mediterranean to subarctic. Always do an online weather check for where you are visiting for an idea of what clothing to bring, and then bring a few varied layers just to be sure.

Entry: Be aware that whether you are entering California from another country or another state within the U.S. that there are regulations regarding fruit and vegetables as well as animals that are prohibited from entering. For more information, go to There are Border Stations where inspections take place throughout the state on highways. A dog may sniff your bags at the airport.

Driving in CA: Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers in a car. Helmets must be worn by those on motorcycles. Starting July 1, 2008 you will not be able to drive a car and talk on a handheld mobile device (i.e. it must be “hands free”). It is also illegal to smoke when there are children younger than 18 in the car. Also be aware that traffic can be, and usually is, a nightmare around and within the bigger cities. Try to plan your driving at times other than commute times.

Flying into CA: For Southern California, the biggest airport is LAX in Los Angeles. I actually like this airport, and we've had good luck getting through security, customs, etc on our international flights. John Wayne Airport is located in Orange County and is much smaller. The San Diego International Airport is also a decent size and located right in downtown San Diego. The planes have to come in at a steep angle to avoid hitting the high rise buildings. Other small airports in SoCal include the Palm Springs Int'l Airport and Ontario Int'l Airport. The one in Ontario is VERY small, but a complete pain as far as getting through security lines and checks. In Northern California, the big one is San Francisco Airport, which is fine, but driving in and around S.F. is maddening. Smaller airports in NorCal include Metropolitan Oakland Int'l Airport, San Jose Int'l Airport, and Sacramento Int'l Airport.

Important Telephone Numbers:
Emergency Services: Dial 911
Information: Dial 411
Traffic & Road Conditions: Dial 511

Hostels: For a directory of California Hostels please go to:

Wine Producing Regions: Most people are aware of Napa and Sonoma. Napa is a little bigger, and a little more “glam.” Sonoma is a little smaller and relaxed. Both are great places to visit. But there are other great wine regions as well, Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Temecula Valley, for instance. And then there are even lesser known wineries in the Sierra Foothills. If you like to go wine tasting, ALL of these regions are great places to go, and you get to see the beauty of California while you’re at it.

State Parks & Sites: There are 280 state parks, historic parks, natural reserves, state beaches etc. throughout the entire state of California. To locate a site of interest go to Many have campsites, and you can make reservations online. Also there are lots of KOA campgrounds throughout the state: For California Desert Camping go to: .

California Missions: There are twenty-one missions in California. Led by Junipero Serra, the missions were mainly built by the Native American Indians beginning in 1769. The last mission was built in 1823. These are some of the oldest buildings in California.
The list of the missions is as follows: 1. San Diego de Alcala (San Diego), 2. San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo (Carmel), 3. San Antonio de Padua (Near King City and Paso Robles), 4. San Gabriel Arcangel (San Gabriel--near Los Angeles), 5. San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (San Luis Obispo), 6. San Francisco de Asis (San Francisco), 7. Mission San Juan Capistrano (San Juan Capistrano), 8. Santa Clara de Asis (Santa Clara), 9. San Buenaventura (Ventura), 10. Mission Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara), 11. La Purisima Concepcion (near Buellton), 12. Mission Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz), 13. Nuestra Senora de la Soledad (Soledad), 14. San Jose de Guadalupe (San Jose), 15. Mission San Juan Bautista (San Juan Bautista), 16. San Miguel Arcangel (San Miguel), 17. San Fernando Rey de Espana (San Fernando), 18. San Luis Rey de Francia (Oceanside), 19. Santa Ines (Solvang), 20. San Rafael Arcangel (San Rafael), 21. San Francisco de Solano (Sonoma).

California Snow: If you like to ski, snowboard, snowshoe, or just throw some snowballs, California’s got some snow for ya. The California mountains are beautiful and the state has snow-covered peaks up and down the length of the state. To find a ski resort go to:

SVRA & SNO Parks: California has the largest and most successful program for off-highway vehicles in the U.S. If you are interested in taking your off-road vehicles for a spin in CA, make sure you have the right permits and are abiding by the laws and regulations. For more information go to:

Beaches: California has more than 1,100 miles of coastline. Although not all of it is made up of sandy beaches, much of it is. You can take your pick from the beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, the tropical feel of the beach in Santa Barbara, watch the muscles flex at Venice Beach, look for movie stars at Malibu beach, or stretch out and relax at Ocean beach in San Diego. There are so many beaches in between that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Whether you want to surf, catch some rays, play beach volleyball or just hang with some friends, you can’t go wrong with the California beaches. But don’t be surprised when you get in the water; our Pacific blue is on the chilly side.

Places to Go: This is just kind of a random list; there are just SO many places to go. I'll probably add to it as I can. But here is a start:

Los Angeles/Orange County Area. Disneyland Resort is in Anaheim. I have been going there since I was a baby and have had annual passes for the last few years, so if anyone ever has any questions, just ask. There are two parks: Disneyland (the original Disney theme park) and Disney’s California Adventure which is currently undergoing a big renovation. What can I say? It’s Disney, and I still love it. Also, if you have kids in tow, there is always Universal Studios, and Knott's Berry Farm. Everyone loves a trip to Hollywood to see the stars. Of course, the only ones you'll usually see are the ones on the Walk of Fame (on the sidewalk). Hollywood is actually somewhat seedy, but it is a fun place to go; it definitely has a vibe and motion all its own. And don't forget to look up to the hills to see the Hollywood sign, and then go to Grauman's Theater where there are famous hand and feet prints. Nearby in Beverly Hills you can go window shopping on Rodeo Dr. If you want to splurge, go to lunch at the Ivy and you may actually see a celebrity, or for a less expensive option, go to one of the Jerry's Delis. Sometimes celebs will grab a bite there. You can also go to the Farmer's Market (yep, a REAL farmer's market with produce to buy and little food stalls), a great place to grab a bite to eat and also catch a glimpse of a star now and then. And don't forget the museums and other points of interest: The Huntington in Pasadena, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), La Brea Tar Pits (still bubbling tar there right in the middle of the city!), Los Angeles Zoo, Hollywood Bowl, and Getty Museum, etc. For details about driving in LA, some good info can be found here:

San Diego Area. There is the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park; both are wonderful. You also have Sea World and Legoland. There is Old Town with an old village, shops, and restaurants. Seaport Village at the harbor is a gorgeous place to walk around; it also has shops and restaurants. You can go hiking at the Torrey Pines State Reserve. If you like ships, take a tour of the USS Midway. Balboa Park is wonderful with several museums housed in buildings with gorgeous architecture and a botanical garden. There are hiking trails nearby too. You can go on a whale watching excursion or a harbor cruise. Downtown, the Gaslamp Quarter is a hip, happening place with up-to-the-minute restaurants and a booty shakin' nightlife.

San Francisco Area. Bike or drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. There is an observation area on the other side so you can look back at the city. Taste chocolate at Ghiradelli’s in Ghiradelli Square. See what it was like to be imprisoned on a cold, craggy rock at Alcatraz. See what the catch of the day is at Fisherman’s Wharf. Find your fortune in a cookie in China Town. Become cultured at the DeYoung Museum. Take a Segway Tour around town. Shop your heart out in Union Square.

For a calendar of California events go to:

For a list of offbeat tourist attractions in California go to: I have been to the World's Largest Thermometer located in Baker, CA when it registered at 122 degrees F! Also listed is the Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield, CA (an hour north of San Francisco)...that one is fun with kids!
Very nice, Ms. Local Expert, thank you.
LOL. Thank you, thank you. curtsey.gif
You are sooooo wonderful!!!!! smile.gif
I am from Ukraine.
Haha, are you on your way to California, severyn?
I was just in California again last month, and as always, love it! It's like Arizona, but with better weather and beaches...okay, so maybe nothing like Arizona!

My favorite places in L.A. are:

-Santa Monica Pier
-Venice Beach
-Huntington Beach

My favorite city in California is San Diego...and my favorite drive is from L.A. to San Diego, all by the ocean (Rt 1, I think?)
Have you been to Santa Barbara?

I think it's just gorgeous!
QUOTE(kitkatgo @ Jun 8 2008, 02:44 PM) *

Have you been to Santa Barbara?

I think it's just gorgeous!

I haven't been to Santa Barbara, but it's on my list! I've heard it's breathtaking. I was actually in San Diego recently, here were some of my fave sites from this trip:

-Breakfast at the Broken Yolk Cafe in Pacific Beach (YUM!) followed by a walk on the boardwalk
-Watching the seals in La Jolla beach and walking around the beach side town
-Crossing the bridge into Coronado...poking around at the famous' Del Mar Hotel and marveling at the 4-people bicycles!
Well I know he has implemented a bunch of environmental regulations...
Hi! I'm a California native...and I just couldn't resist writing something about my favorite state! I grew up in San Diego County (poor me, right?), but I went to school in Northern California. I have grown to love and admire all that California has to offer!

If you visit, there is always the big cities, San Diego, LA, San Fran--those are always interesting and fun. If you have more time, I strongly suggest a road trip up and down the beautiful state!

Don't forget HWY 1 coastline all the way from San Diego to Oregon. It is one of the most beautiful drives, and sites I've seen in all my travels. You get to experience SoCal culture from San Diego through Santa Barabara. Morrow Bay is worth stopping and shopping. The coastal drive through Big Sur is one of the most beautiful sections of coastline I've ever seen. Next is Carmel and Monterrey. Monterrey has a cute downtown with good eats, some fun bars, and a nice boardwalk. A few miles past the little town of Santa Cruz--great boardwalk and nice shopping. Then of course is San Fran, and all it has to offer. Beyond that though, you can visit Sanoma wine country, the Giant Redwood Forest--something that should not be missed if you've never seen them. Finally though, one of my favorite places on Earth is in the Northwest corner of California. About an hour and a half away from the giant redwoods--maybe four hours from San Fran is a tiny town called Arcata--in Humboldt County. The town is cute, and worth a walk around it's square. About 30 miles past Arcata is a State Park called, Patrick's Point. You can camp there, or just do some hiking. I recommend hiking out to Wedding Rock--it's truly breathtaking, and no one I've ever taken there has been disappointed. There's a few more really cool state parks between there and Oregon, like Kern Canyon (where the Eewok Village from Star Wars was filmed).

That was a REALLY quick overview, and doesn't quite do it justice, but it IS a really wonderful trip. There's so much more than that in California, but that route is SO worth the visit--whether in stints, or all at once. smile.gif Remember, it IS California, so staying in hotels can get expensive, BUT there are plenty of campsites all along the way. Remember to book sites in advance, or take your chances if you are traveling from June-August. September is still a great time for travel in CA, as well as April-May.

I've done the trip in a week, and I've done it in four days...just depends on your time and money!!! Just DO IT!! smile.gif
Thanks, Missy, you're right...HWY 1 is spectacular!
Thank you for this overview of historic California, through what I have read about California I miss to visit.
I hope to visit there in the near future.
I wish you success and more enthusiasm. flowers.png flowers.png flowers.png
Are you going to stay in the L.A. area? Or are you going into other parts of California? What types of attractions are you interested in? Are you going to have kids with you?

The weather is very nice right'll have a great time!

So glad you had a great time. Sorry to hear you got ripped off with the chains though!

Up at the top you can click on Travel Blog which will take you to a place where you can read others' blogs, but you can also start your own blog (hit Dashboard). There you can upload pictures and video and tell us all the good details!

Have fun...
QUOTE(julysl2010 @ Jul 12 2010, 09:03 AM) *

Thanks, my brother is going to California next two months and this post's really helpful blow.gif

Glad it was helpful! I hope your brother has a wonderful time!

What part of California will he be visiting?
Thanks for the long list of things to see smile.gif im going to cali from denmark next year for 6 weeks 2nd time in the us smile.gif cant wait smile.gif
Thanks for the long list of things to see smile.gif im going to cali from denmark next year for 6 weeks 2nd time in the us smile.gif cant wait smile.gif
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