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Full Version: Brazil Nov/Dec 2008
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Hi all!

I'm a 22 year old male Canadian planning on traveling through Brazil at the end of the year (Nov/Dec.) Don't have a set itinerary yet, but the plan is to start in the amazon, working down the coast with a few possible excursions to the interior(ie Mato Grosso, the Savannah), and ending as far south as Foz de Iguacu or Buenos Aires. This plan is open to modification. I'm interested in the music, culture, language, tastes and whatever else this country has on offer.

I'm looking for someone with an open mind. Someone that doesn't mind checking out typical tourist S*$#e, but prefers to see what most other tourists don't.

If interested, drop me a line:
flamesrock you know what gmail dot com.

You know if people send you an email via Travelpod it goes automatically to your personal email address so you actually don't even have to post your email address in the forums as long as it is in your account.

I hope you find someone who wants to share your experience with you ...good luck
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