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Full Version: Troy to Ayvalik - Ayvalik travel question
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We need to get from Troy to Ayvalik to catch a ferry to Lesvos. Can anyone tell us what our transport options are?
I am really sorry for the delay in responding to your post. Hope it's not too late. I can only blame the Icelandic Volcano which prevented me from heading home here to Turkey and my laptop which 'died' during my time in an internet wilderness! I won't mention the burst pipe which greeted us when we did eventually get home!

But enough of the excuses! There are regular buses from Çanakkale (which will pass nearby Troy - ask locally for the stop) to Ayvalık. (approximately €6, 3¼ hours, 200km)

Some buses will drop you on the main highway to hitch to the centre. However, Çanakkale/Truva and Metro bus companies should have a servis to run you into town.

Enjoy your trip!
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