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Full Version: 101 Reasons To Visit New York City
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If you're looking for advice on what to do in New York City, check out this list of 101 reasons to travel to NYC.
lol bronx zoo is not a very good reason to visit nyc at all.. not bad of a list though.
I agree, very good list.
Very very goood list.
I will take it with me when i'll be going to NY someday.
My friend's tehre now, i'll copy this link to her.
Wonder if she will see at least half of these atractions.
I would add:

Listening to the street jazz bands play in central park
Eating all flavour Ice-cream on the street
Really cheap live comedies in tiny hidden bars
The energy, colours and traffic on Broadway
"Multi" lingual souvenir vendors on fifth avenue

That is NY!!!!!

=D Sarah!

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