I wonder, if Bradford in Yorkshire is really the city that travellers least want to visit.

A city that houses the National Media Museum, which is considered to be the most visited museum outside London and host to the nationally acclaimed Bradford Film Festival, which has recently been designated as Unesco City of Film, and the only city in the world to achieve this designation.

Is it as ugly, boring and dangerous as they want to name it?
What do British members or members of TravelPod who visited this city really think of this place?
According to the survey, these were the least visited towns and cities in the UK:

1. Bradford
2. Wakefield If you don't agree with this list, post some photos from these
3. Dundee cities and tell us why you disagree and show us their secret
4. Sunderland beauty. I think it would be quite interesting!!!
5. Newport
6. St David's
7. Wells
8. Ely
9. Ripon
10. Lichfield