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Full Version: Hair Tips to Beat Florida's Humid Weather
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I was in Florida late last year and as soon as I stepped of the plane, my beautiful hair puffed up in a ball of frizz! My cousins, who've been living in Miami since they were young and have similar Latin hair to mine, ALL had beautiful hair that seemed to withstand the humid conditions.

I asked them HOW do they do it, and they had some tips. Feel free to share any tips you many have as well!


1. When they wash their hair, they use a deep treatment (example: Silicon Mix) and they leave it in their hair for quite a few hours before they rinse it out and blow dry their hair.

2. Every night, they "wrap" their hair in a silk scarf or some other type of wrap.

3. They use hair products specifically designed for humid conditions which usually can only be found in Florida, the Caribbean, or Ebay.
Have you tried Frizz Ease? It's not THAT humid in Canada, but it works when it gets hot and sticky.
I've actually tried that. It works well in most humid environment except Florida and the Caribbean smile.gif
Really... Did you go to all of the black people hair stores too? I think they have good stuff... like... cocoa butter etc.
The products I found work best were at the Dominican Beauty supply stores or I bought them on eBay. But I'm sure most beauty supply stores have good stuff too.
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