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Full Version: Prague's crazy Kutna Hora Bone Church!
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I've seen something like this in Rome, where the church is decorated with the bones of deceased monks....but this one is just made of normal people who didn't fit in the cemetery anymore, thanks to the Black Plague...hmmm...

Link to the very descriptive article and lots of gruesome photos.
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When does this type of thing become just plain voyeuristic and abuse of human remains?

How would you feel if, in the after life, you knew people were paying to see your bones decorate some church in the Czech Republic??? How do you think your descendants would feel?

It's SO bizarre.
When studying in Prague, I took a day trip to Kutna Hora. The group I was with found the Ossuary one of the most fascinating places in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. I simply found the artistry of how it was compiled amazing. Ignoring the idea about questionable morality, the pure art of the church in the way that the bones are molded to create pillars, chandeliers, and even coats of arms is truly amazing and creative genius. I couldn't post the pictures here, but my Prague travel blog entryon Kutna Hora has a couple good shots of the inside of the ossuary.
Turistka: You are not allowed to ignore my question of morality!

Do you think it's OK to display bones in this way?

I'm not really sure if this IS art, honestly...

lar: You can post a link of your blog, I think it would be interesting.
I'm heading to Prague next month and am considering a day trip to Kutna Hora. For some reason I've always been interested in things like catacombs (like the one in Paris, I heard its recently been opened after three months of renovation) and the Capuchini Bone Chapel in Rome (I've been to both). The moral question you bring up is interesting though. I'm not completely sure how I'd feel about having my bones up for display.
Yeah, I've been to the one in Rome, but I was soooooo tired I didn't go inside! It was hot, and I didn't think I could stomach looking at all those crazy bones.

Now, I kind of regret it, but also, I feel good about not supporting it.
I'm extremely excited to see this next year. I don't think I'd care if my bones were put on display - as far as I'm concerned, once I'm done with my body, they can make a sidewalk outof it for all I care.

That's a link to my blog with a few more pictures. It really was way "cooler" and less "creepy" than I expected!
QUOTE(lar4290 @ Dec 17 2008, 04:09 AM) *

That's a link to my blog with a few more pictures. It really was way "cooler" and less "creepy" than I expected!

Is it a full day trip from Prague to the church? I really want to check out the church, but I have limited time in Prague and I just want to know how much time I'm going to have to set aside to visit. Is there anything else to see while I'm out of the city and around the church?
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