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hello all
i plan to visit singapore in june july. can anyone suggest a good aprtment hotel (preferably on orchard road) since i plan to stay for around 7 days? is it a good idea to stay at sentosa if it's going to take 2 days to see it?
Have you looked through the Trip Advisor hotel listings? Usually those are helpful.

I'm not sure what you mean by "serviced apartments", so that's why I just sent you the general link.

As for visiting Sentosa, looks like a lot of Travelpodders had a great time there:
Hi there!

First of all, serviced apartments in singapore are considered a luxury and more expensive than hotels, especially along orchard road.

perhaps you would like to tell me what's ur budget like? Honestly accommodation in Singapore is abit expensive by South East Asian standard. But there are cheaper hotels /hostels around town that MAY give you a discount for a week's stay.
I visited Singapore last year with my grandpa and stayed at Royal Hotel, Newton Road, 3 stars hotel. It was very clean and comfortable; the breakfasts were good. I was very satisfied there.
Just an update on the possible accomodation options that are available in Singapore.

Agree with preciousgem that it depends on your budget and especially if you are staying for a week, you may just be able to negotiate a lower price smile.gif

Besides apartments, you can check out The Green Kiwi Backpacker Hostel Singapore which is affordable and decent.

Alteratively, you can check out travelmob where private homeowners share their properties or personal residences. They usually have service apartments that are quite good and more affordable compared to the commercial ones available.

Hope this helps whoever is planning a longer stay in Singapore! smile.gif
For apartment hotels in the Orchard area, I would recommend Fraser Residence Orchard. Whenever I have a work trip to Singapore, that's where I stayed, and I've had good experiences with them. They have all the facilities you need, and the staff were very professional and helpful.
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