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Full Version: Historic sites as vacation
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I'm interested in spending a large part of my family's vacation visiting historically significant sites, but need to stay within the region (Carolinas, Virginia). I've read about Biltmore Estate, Colonial Williamsburg, Charleston, SC and Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens in New Bern. However, I'd like to hear some real opinions about those places by people who have been. Any thoughts to share? Thanks!
I actually just got back from the Biltmore and it is amazing up there. All the places in the world I've seen and I've never seen a house like that. Well worth price of admission, which is about 40 or 35 if booked online. The outer banks also have many good historical locations, as does my current home Wimington. Charleston, SC is not only great for history, it is also just an awesome town. They have fort sumter and such nearby, and have an amazing waterfront aquarium that is a definite not miss. Most of the interesting historical buildings there are near the market area and there is also a great hotel in that area called the French Quarter Inn that I strongly recommend-I proposed to my wife there.
Thanks for the detailed reply. Sounds like you have spent a lot of time along the Carolina coast. What, if any, opnion do you have about Tryon Palace?
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