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Hi all,
I would be really grateful on any tips on an itinerary/where to go in Peru/Bolivia on my month trip mid march to mid april, as I posted in the peru forum my main interests are indigineous peoples and their children (as am travelling with my 5 year old son, and our most memorable part of our Vietnam trip last year was time spent just hanging out with local peoples), wildlife, nature, not so interested in touristy tours/ honey pot attractions and sights.
On the hiking front am a little restricted, but short hikes are fine.
Have been told by friends that their favourite place in south america was Bolivia, so am open to suggestions on recommendations of how much time to spend in Peru v Bolivia, and whether to fly in or out of La Paz etc (am flying Uk to LIma return)
Planning on primarily buses, backpacky style rather than tour buses/ smart hotels.
Really grateful of any info as due to domestic chaos have done very lttle research thus far!
Thanks in advance, Trees
I went in 1992 so my trip is not that relevant, but I do know that you MUST be careful in Lima.

Bolivia I didn't enjoy that much but I loved Chile, especially Torres del Paine.

By the way, even if Macchu Picchu is closed, Cuzco is certainly worth a visit for several days.
Hi Treesy, I'm so excited for you hyper.gif Most importantly, when is your birthday, and where do you want to spend that?!

I'd suggest....65% Peru & 35% Bolivia.....just because Peru is bigger, so there's more places you can go.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that Macchu Picchu will be open - perhaps try and leave it as best you can to the end of your trip, then...maybe....

I agree with 'laorfamily' about Cuzco - I loved it there. If you want, I could put you in touch with my friend Rocsana - she was my Spanish teacher there and is lovely - she doesn't have any kids unfortunately, but she might be a good chum for you to get to know some locals? No worries if not (and I don't know if she's definitely still in Cuzco! But I will ask if you want me to, as I am still in touch with her. While I was studying Spanish with her, I stayed with a family too, but their kids are a bit older - probably 12ish by now I think?!)
Thank you Laor family, and thanks again Kathryn..
OMG its not far away now, we fly a week on friday, and have a big birthday weekend with 50 people next weekend, eek, am sooo unprepared, but maybe thats the way to go...
Kathryn tis me birthday on 13th March, and at the moment am thinking of flying to Iquitos for a week, have been in contact with a guide there who seems to have a big following, am just negotiating price etc with him for a 5 day jungle trip. Did you go there?
Wildlife is my thing, and me n Sunny are very outdoorsy, so could be the highlight of the trip, but dont want to peak too soon!! Am trying to figure out a plan to leave Cusco til last, just in case the big MP is open again, whilst it will not devastate me not to go there it seems kind of rude not to if it is open!
Trees x
PS That would be lovely to get your Spanish friends contact details, if thats ok, its always good to have a local contact, even if you don't know them! x
One tip...THE most important thing in Peru (and traveling in general) is to know where you will sleep on the first night.
Hi Trees, I didn't go to Iquitos, sorry, but it is supposed to be amazing. (I wish I was different, but I take a really bad reaction to mozzie bites, and I chose not to go into the jungle for that reason - people's photo's looked amazing though, so go for it, as it sounds like you'd love it!)

I hope you have a brilliant birthday on the 13th! (I know I won't remember to tell you then, as I'll be in Israel hyper.gif ) Have a fab party too!!

I'll mail Rocsana now - however she doesn't pick up e-mail every day, so hopefully she'll reply before next Wednesday, otherwise my internet access will be less frequent then - I'll see what I can do anyways! smile.gif
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