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Full Version: Breaking my Back in Ethiopia (and my ankle tooÖ)
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Hello everyone. Itís been over a month and a half since I have been home from my missionary trip to Ethiopia. One of the biggest lessons Iíve learned from this trip is that ANYTHING can happen when youíre traveling abroad so make sure youíre prepared for it.

I went to Ethiopia, Africa to help the Fistula Foundation and while I was there I was in a serious van crash (no seatbelts or airbags) and broke my left ankle and a vertebrae in my spine. After the crash, some kind strangers took me to a nearby hospital. When I got to the hospital I found out that I needed surgery (which wasnít possible in Ethiopia). I had to be transported to the nearest hospital where they could do the surgery, which was in Tel Aviv, Israel. To make matters worse, sometime during the accident I lost my insurance card. Thankfully, my friend called my parents and they were able to get a hold of Seven Corners (my travel medical insurance company).

Seriously, I donít know what I would have done if I didnít have travel insuranceómy mom says it was the best $368 sheís ever spent. They paid for my healthcare in Ethiopia and transported me to Tel Aviv for my surgery on my back and ankle. They even paid for my mom to fly from the United States to Tel Aviv to be with me. The insurance company also had a medical person fly home with me to Minnesota, and they are still paying for my follow-up medical care.

I donít know too much about other travel insurance companies, but I really recommend Seven Corners if you are traveling internationally. I could not have afforded and received the care I did without them.

Safe and happy travels to all!
Wow, what a story, are you OK now?
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